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a loose garment (usually with veiled holes for the eyes) worn by Muslim women especially in India and Pakistan


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Also known as Mullah Zabiullah, Jamal was the second highest ranking insurgent official in Burkah district.
When I see a woman wearing a burkah, I see a symbol of religious bigotry and female oppression.
And instead of bikini-clad brolly dollies on the grid, it will be burkah babes.
THE journalist captured by the Taliban after she illegally entered Afghanistan disguised in a burkah is converting to Islam.
Oriana ignora que los musulmanes mas radicales, esos que castran a sus mujeres y las obligan a deambular con el burkah, son, asimismo, los mas ignorantes: nunca han leido el libro sangrado, no podrian.
Y si en algunos paises las mujeres son tan cretinas que toleran el chador y el burkah, peor para ellas.
The joint offensive was conducted in the Falol area of Burkah district, deputy police chief, Col.
So how come I saw a lady with a burkah buying hot cross buns in Safeways?
Kate Warner (Jack's girlfriend-to-be) meanwhile cunningly disguised herself in a burkah as she infiltrated a prayer meeting looking for prime suspect Syed Ali.