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United States frontierswoman and legendary figure of the Wild West noted for her marksmanship (1852-1903)

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Burk was a commercial real estate attorney at Thompson Hine LLP and Paul Hastings, Janofsky and Walker LLP, where he assisted REIT's, institutional lenders, developers, private investors, landlords, and tenants with all of their real estate needs.
Cosby's lawyer later claimed that Burk revealed some surprising details during the session with CNN, which include claims that Johnson never said a word about the alleged sexual harassment and even appeared to admire the famous comedian.
CUTLINE: The members of the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League champion Clinton U12 boys NCUP squad are (kneeling, from left) Erik Runde, Jake Pitre, Cole Clericuzio, Adrian Heinsohn-Roe, Nolan Dunne, Aiden Marceau and Dylan Napoli; and (standing, from left) Eli Burk, Colin Grady, head coach Dane Burk, Chris Heinsohn-Roe, Greg Melone, Edmund Hughes, coach JB Dunne, Matt Tobin and coach Mike Clericuzio.
Burk, the chairperson of the National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO), further said that it will be harder for the club to defend its male-only policy to the public, to lawmakers who may directly or indirectly provide resources, and to sponsors.
Burk picketed the gates to the exclusive club and counter demonstrators held up signs saying "Make Me Dinner" and "Iron My Shirt" as the issue split the US but had little impact on the Green Jackets.
The somber crowd wept as people listened to heartbroken friends and teachers of Burk take the stage to read poems, sing songs and tell stories of the artistic girl who was remembered well for her laugh, imagination and spontaneity.
Located about 30 miles northeast of Chapleau, Burk found herself either falling asleep late at night while waiting to get on the Internet, or rising in the early hours of the morning to get online.
Actually, it is a tradition dating back to the company's beginnings in 1959, when Rudy Burk, Harold Wayne and Les Hummel left the labs of Cal Ink to start their own business.
As Burk wasn't married to his accuser, the judge downgraded Burk's crime from a felony to a misdemeanor.
Patrick Burk, a bodyguard who has protected moviemaker Michael Moore, was arrested yesterday (20 January) at New York's John F.
Burk, a professor of pathology and director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and Gerd P.
Burk, Never Just a Game: Players, Owners, arid American Baseball to 1920 (Chapel Hill, 1994), 232-35, Harvey Frommer, Shoeless Joe and Ragtime Baseball (Dallas, 1992), Robert I.
This year's Masters tournament has come and gone, but Martha Burk and her cause have not vanished.
Burk will seek a permit to demonstrate during the 2003 Masters in April.
Chairwoman of the National Council of Women's Organizations, Burk says that she would like to see Whaley "take her place in the tournament as a just reward for her skill.