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United States frontierswoman and legendary figure of the Wild West noted for her marksmanship (1852-1903)

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Burk points a sharp finger at the corporate executives who are a part of Augusta National's membership.
Office construction is where Burk sees a hot spot at the moment.
Although he might have sharpened his analysis of the impact on the game of key developments in American life (the impact of the crises of the 1890s, the Red Scare of 1919-20, and relevant Supreme Court decisions bearing on baseball), Burk succeeds in integrating a fascinating story of conflicted labour-management relations within a broader social context.
IT departments are increasingly looking for budget-friendly solutions that won't sacrifice uptime and reliability," said Jonathan Burk, Vice President of Burk Technology (www.
Cosby's lawyer later claimed that Burk revealed some surprising details during the session with CNN, which include claims that Johnson never said a word about the alleged sexual harassment and even appeared to admire the famous comedian.
Police say parolee Charlie Samuel, 50, abducted Lily Burk on Friday afternoon in the Mid-Wilshire area and forced her to try to withdraw money from various ATMs before killing her in a downtown parking lot.
Kathleen Burk, Taylor's last doctoral student at Oxford, paints an affectionate but unflinchingly honest portrait of her famous, prickly, and opinionated mentor.
Burk, were also provided to the members of those congressional committees.
Burk, 84, of Whitinsville, died on Thursday, October 8, 2009, in the Rose Monahan Hospice Home, Worcester.
Burk tried to establish that the witness wasn't sure if any sexual contact occurred before she was 14.
Burk decides to study the mating rituals of the bonobos, among whom there is almost no violence.
Jessica Burk, 40, went missing Wednesday after entering the woods with her boyfriend.
Speakers for the event were Michele Burk, chief logistician for the Naval Undersea Warfare Command (NUW C) Keyport, and Lt.