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a chisel of tempered steel with a sharp point

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Endscrapers -including only a pair of nucleiform ones-, perforators and simple burins are found in rather low percentages in the Solutrean, while continuously retouched pieces are abundant--as in the Initial Magdalenian.
Nucleiform burins are present in Solutrean-point-bearing levels and increase thereafter in the early Magdalenian.
The Solutrean levels lack raclettes and transversal burins (Renard, 2012).
A considerable degree of variability--in terms of the representation of such artifacts as blades, bladelets [including backed ones], flakes, raclettes, transversal burins, antler points with serpentiform "pseudoexcision" decoration, etc.
In terms of putative diagnostic 'Badegoulian' artifacts, there is only one "raclette" in Level 118 and one burin on a lateral retouched truncation in Level 119.