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Synonyms for burial

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Synonyms for burial

an act of placing a body in a grave or tomb

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Synonyms for burial

the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave

concealing something under the ground

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If burial time is shortened, then even where communities have multiple bereavements, they can squeeze their burials into one or two day(s) by having a morning and an afternoon burial schedule.
Release date- 29082019 - Visiting PhD student in the Centre for Death & Society, Aki Miyazawa, is keen to hear from local people with experiences of natural burials.
AN MP has hit out at proposals to vary a planning consent to allow a 700 per cent increase in the amount of burials taking place each year at a derelict site in Rushall.
But now the Town Hall has decided to add another hike to one of the charges - for non-resident burials.
Cardiff is raising the cost of cremations from PS560 to PS640 and burials from PS660 to PS760 to plug a PS35million gap.
The number of so-called environmentally friendly burials has increased over the past five years in Taipei, an indication of the growing acceptance among people in the capital of Taiwan that burials should impact the environment as little as possible.
As with so many elements of environmentally friendly lifestyles, green burials hark back to practices that were simpler and gender on the earth.
He pointed out that burial societies provide an important service to society, noting that the next logical order of business should be protecting them from being infiltrated by unscrupulous people who cause embezzlement of funds or transforming societies into Ponzi schemes leading to the collapse of burial societies and poor people denied decent burials.
Interest in green burials is on the rise, and internments of unembalmed bodies are likely to further disrupt an industry already challenged by the rising popularity of cremations, according to the Natural State Burial Association.
One cemetery at Rhyl has already been closed to new burials and the one in Rhuddlan is expected to reach capacity in eight years time.
Thornhill deals with more than 700 burials a year, and more than 200 new graves.
Total number of unclaimed bodies burial is also 60 whereas 103 people paid for the burials and 79 families gave donations.
The Green Burial Guidebook is a guide to understanding how to reduce funeral expenses, and make burials more environmentally-friendly than the current standard, which often utilizes an excess of wood, concrete, metals, and carcinogenic embalming fluid.
Another possibility to explain the disturbance to graves in Vaheru and in other cases, is that people did not care about exposing the burials or it was even the purpose of the earthwork.
The first burial occurred in May 1881, but there are gaps over the years without any records of burials. Names of the dead are not listed on tombs.