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red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)

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EVERY two years, Burgundy wine growers open their doors to the world's trade and press for a remarkable series of tastings spread, if you have the stamina, over five days.
Friendly Discount Liquors, 1167 Providence Road, Whitinsville, will have an in-store tasting of the pre-release Burgundy wines of Louis Latour 2005 vintage beginning at 7 tonight.
Austrian and German Rieslings, as well as white Burgundy wines, are the best white-wine matches for Sona's food, Mendoza said.
Almost all white Burgundy wines, including Chablis in the north, are 100 per cent Chardonnay.
"I'm still doing research into Havana cigars and Burgundy wines, but when I've done that thesis I may graduate to other subjects."
At the same time, the way Burgundy wines were sold began to change.
GENERALLY speaking, I find that the most exciting Burgundy wines are made by small, independent producers.
Daniel Lambert Wines was named Welsh Merchant of the Year by the International Wine Challenge (IWC) and was recognised as a specialist merchant for Burgundy wines.
Red Burgundy was off by 33% compared to 2003, while white Burgundy wines fell by 21%.
Guests who attended the exhibition were also treated to a selection of fine burgundy wines and sushi.
I talked to her one cold January day in London, in the historic setting of the Old Billingsgate Market, at a tasting of Burgundy wines.
* The strong franc policy which over-values Burgundy wines in the main export markets;