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Synonyms for Burgundy

a former province of eastern France that is famous for its wines


red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)

a dark purplish-red to blackish-red color

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The Infant made some noise in his throat, and reached for more Burgundy.
Philip sent the waiter for a bottle of Burgundy from the neighbouring tavern, and they had a potage aux herbes, a steak from the window aux pommes, and an omelette au kirsch.
My wines of Anjou, selected for Athos, who liked them formerly; my wines of Burgundy, Champagne, Bordeaux, and Spain, stocking eight cellars and twelve vaults, in my various houses.
Miserrimus Dexter lingered and languished over his truffles, and sipped his wonderful Burgundy, and sang his own praises as a cook until I was really almost mad with impatience to return to the real object of my visit.
In 1468 Princess Margaret, the sister of King Edward IV, married the Duke of Burgundy and came to live in Flanders, for in those days Flanders was under the rule of the Dukes of Burgundy.
Sir Patrick enjoyed his mutton, and entered on a long and interesting narrative of the history of some rare white Burgundy on the table imported by himself.
Ay, ay," says the ensign, "and so she is: d--n me, it is the same woman; and I'll hold half a dozen of Burgundy, Tom French of our regiment brings her into company with us at any tavern in Bridges-street.
The cellars were filled with burgundy then, the kennels with hounds, and the stables with gallant hunters; now, such horses as Queen's Crawley possessed went to plough, or ran in the Trafalgar Coach; and it was with a team of these very horses, on an off-day, that Miss Sharp was brought to the Hall; for boor as he was, Sir Pitt was a stickler for his dignity while at home, and seldom drove out but with four horses, and though he dined off boiled mutton, had always three footmen to serve it.
It was evident that ample supplies of beefsteak, truffles, and Burgundy never failed to reach him at the fitting hour.
Although other white wines seem to show a similar problem, the problem is so acute in Burgundy that the industry has felt moved to invest in research programmes to try to understand why their wines have become so subject to "premature oxidation".
The wedding: The couple's big day had a burgundy and ivory theme.
From left to right Grey and black leather dress, EUR166, M&S, sizes 6-22; gold pendant from a selection @Monica Vinader; burgundy bag, EUR41.
Burgundy has been a magnet for the traveller for centuries and its historic tourist routes, such as the Route des Ducs de Bourgogne or The Route des Grands Crus, are well trodden but also full of surprises.
BEST BURGUNDY BUYS: A panel of wine experts in New York recently came up with 30 best buys from Burgundy, France, at a tasting event organized by Sopexa USA, an organization dedicated to the promotion of French and European food, wine and spirits.