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Synonyms for Burgundy

a former province of eastern France that is famous for its wines


red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)

a dark purplish-red to blackish-red color

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As far as the grape varieties are concerned, apart from the directly-productive hybrids--whose proportion is already alarming, is constantly growing and should be stopped--most of the centres also grow grape varieties (Perla de Csaba, Italia, Chasselas and Coarna), but above all they specialise in table or even fine white and red wines: Aligote, Feteasca Regala, Italian Riesling, Sauvignon, Rkatiteli and Muscat Ottonel, as well as Babeasca Neagra, Burgund Mare, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese.
They can then read out the atricles and record their voices, which we will send to Mr Burgund.
342-45; Heribert Muller, Kreuzzugsplane und Kreuzzugspolitik des Herzogs Philipp des Guten von Burgund (Gottingen: Vandenhoek und Ruprecht, 1993), p.
sc/ia/t und Ndfie im spdtmittelalterlichen Burgund.
A Burgund is a resident of Burgundy, where Dijon is located.
Also in Burgund law, daughters and sons inherited equally in intestate successions (MGH, Leges Nationum Germanicarum (Hanover: Imprensis Bibliopolii Hahniani, 1892), 2 (Leges Burgundorum): 33).
Jahrhundert sind die Niederlande eher ein Ganzes rnit einheitlicher Kultur, und die germanische Art, freilich von Nordfrankreich und Burgund her vermischt mit lateinischen Elementen, durchstromt das ganze Land.