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Synonyms for burglary

breaking and entering

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Synonyms for burglary

the act of entering a building or room with the intent to commit theft

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Words related to burglary

entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property

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By the time the case went to court the East European burgler had been deported so the judge threw the case out of court.
The cat is amazing, appearing in all sorts of costumes, from a cat burgler to Cleopatra to a dancer in a puffy ball gown.
4:28 p.m.: Boutelle Road, burgler alarm, green gate open, a few panels on the ground, possibly old renovation.
McIlwraith, in quoting McLuhan's remark about the content as the meat carried by the burgler to distract the watchdog, indicates his own awareness of the crucial affirmation, but given the number of times that the 'weaker' interpretation intrudes in the media, and given the centrality of McLuhan's message about the nature of media, I do not feel it is otiose to repeat this caveat, since the weaker interpretation does not allow us to understand the full impact of McLuhan's perception.
Did a sudden noise alarm the young wife, sending her courageous fork-wielding young husband out to save her from a cat burgler? Or did hubby actually paw through all that flotsam just to retrieve a missing wedding present?
Boards of Education have come to admit comics as teaching tools, funding Burgler's Helvetians' Epic or Gloor and Kirchhofer's Matter, the Swiss Robin Hood, or a 9-volume Guillaume Tell.
And we know, without being told, that Lizzie's dark man is a figment of her mind; that the scatalogical burgler who fouls Old Borden's bed is none other than Lizzie herself.