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a nobleman ruling a German castle and surrounding grounds by hereditary right

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the military governor of a German town in the 12th and 13th centuries

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Composition and amount of binders in ceramic masses hold much significance of permeability, mechanical strength and chemical stability of ceramic filters (Burggraaf 1996; Emchenko 2006; Tsapatsis 1994).
Ben Burggraaf, energy optimisation manager for Tata Steel, said: "Steam, and more specifically hot water, will play a pivotal role in the future low-carbon economy."
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The young cast includes Elizabeth Watts, Cora Burggraaf, Joanne Boag and Andrew Tortise.
The cast also includes Elizabeth Watts as Susanna, Rebecca Evans as Countess Almaviva, Dario Solari as Count Almaviva, Cora Burggraaf as Cherubino, Henry Waddington as Dr Bartolo and Sarah Pring as Marcellina.
The supporting cast was first rate, with the superb, rabble-rousing Tybalt of Juan Francisco Gatell and the luscious bass of Alexander Vinogradov as Frere Laurent.Cora Burggraaf had distinctive stage presence as Stephano, Susanne Resmark was an endearing Gertrude and Frank Ferrari was in strong voice as Comte Capulet.
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On a different track, Anna Burggraaf and Helen Burke-Taylor write about a student's experience of helping to develop occupational therapy services within existing institutional and community based rehabilitation models while on student placement in the Solomon Islands.