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English writer of satirical novels (1917-1993)

a citizen of an English borough


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There are rogues and knaves here, friars and priests, barons and burgesses, bakers and butchers, tailors and tanners, masons and miners, and folk of many other crafts.
The hostlers fly back, drawing off the cloths from their glossy loins, and away we go through the market-place and down the High Street, looking in at the first- floor windows, and seeing several worthy burgesses shaving thereat; while all the shopboys who are cleaning the windows, and housemaids who are doing the steps, stop and look pleased as we rattle past, as if we were a part of their legitimate morning's amusement.
In Lincoln's Inn, they gave up the hall and commons to the Northumberland Militia, under the command of Lord Algernon Percy; in some few of the city wards, the burgesses turned out, and without making a very fierce show, looked brave enough.
The burgesses of Aberdeen were the first civic body to administrate the royal burgh, founded by David I and confirmed by his grandson, William the Lion, in 1178.
In 1764, Edmund Randolph's Uncle Peyton, a member of the House of Burgesses, chaired the committee that drafted the original petition of protest to the proposed Stamp Act.