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English writer of satirical novels (1917-1993)

a citizen of an English borough


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Since the attack, Mr Burgess has had a fire proof cover put on his letterbox for fear of further reprisals.
It was four years later - in September 1839 - that Francis Burgess was plucked out of semi-obscurity for one of the most controversial and challenging jobs in the country.
Fenella Morris, for the Council, told the panel: "Both Mr Burgess and Mr Simmons were at the material time employed by Boots Opticians.
The appointment of Trevor Burgess as company chairman is designed to help drive company growth, positioning Brinker as a leading provider of integrity management solutions to the North Sea industry.
Christopher Burgess (county archeologist, Northumberland, UK; a relation to the honoree?
John Burgess Wilson, as he was christened, did not even bother to consult official records when he drew up a version of his family tree, which contained questionable connections to, among others, an illegitimate descendant of King James II.
Miley is the first person outside the Burgess family to be appointed to a senior role in the company.
Nathan Brooks Burgess, left, Dawn Burgess and Drake Simpson star in the North Hollywood-based Theatre Tribe's Southern California premiere of ``Recent Tragic Events.
Architecture, Town Planning and Community: Selected Writings and Public Talks by Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946
Wetherell, Architecture, Town Planning And Community: Selected Writings And Public Talks By Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946 is an outstandingly collection of many speeches and documents germane to this dedicated architect's life work and accomplishments.
Andrew Biswell, The Real Life of Anthony Burgess (London: Picador, 2005)
ROGER LEWIS'S BIOGRAPHY chronicles Anthony Burgess's life as it details disillusionment and lost esteem: namely, Lewis's for Burgess himself.
Jerry Burgess is Rossi's crew chief at Gauloises Yamaha and will hope to help the Italian retain his title this season.
Burgess has spent eight months in Kuwait and Iraq during two separate tours.
Burgess awarded the Environmental Division Technical Award and Roy F.