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Synonyms for burg

a large and important town

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colloquial American term for a town

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And as we reported last month, the plans also include opening up the River Sherbourne behind the Burges as a new public square.
In his most recent series Reverse Glass Paintings, Burges uses plexiglass instead of canvas to create a "window" to an alternative reality, and bends the rules of traditional painting techniques.
Designed in 1874 for the third Marquess of Bute - then owner of Cardiff Castle - the artefact is part of a famous collection of Burges works which are displayed in cathedrals, Oxbridge colleges, and courts across Britain.
Designed in 1874 for the third Marquess of Bute - then owner of Cardiff castle - the artefact is part of a famous collection of Burges' works, which are displayed in cathedrals, Oxbridge colleges and courts across Britain.
However, Claire Burges Watson possesses pluck, courage and common sense in abundance, and these attributes saw her overcome formidable obstacles on her 18-month, 6,000-kilometre journey through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, including drunken and sometimes violent guides, raging rivers, snow-bound passes and endless stretches of unremitting desert.
Burges' organization isn't the only support group available for black home-schoolers.
WHEN LOUISIANA residents Joyce and Eric Burges started educating their oldest son at home 15 years ago, the homeschooling movement was largely composed of white Christians.
The area around Cross Cheaping is about to undergo a huge transformation to bring a new look to the Burges. The planning application has been submitted, but prior approval is not required.
The gilded vase was designed by architectural giant William Burges in 1874 for the medieval wonderland he was creating for the 3rd Marquess of Bute inside the walls of Cardiff Castle.
Victorian architect William Burges made rebuilding and redecorating the historic structure his life's work, having been commissioned by the third Marquess of Bute in 1865.
I AGREE with the many letters I have seen complaining about the neglected state of the Burges. It is disgusting that this historic part of town is being allowed to become so neglected.
THE pensions team from leading UK law firm Burges Salmon, which advises trustees and employers across Wales, has been appointed to the new Pension Protection Fund (PPF) Assessment Period Legal Panel (APLP).
But the final two panels in a set of 20 stained glass windows designed by renowned architect William Burges were finally returned to Castell Coch, near Cardiff, yesterday.
e Burges is now a run-down, untidy and under populated street right in the heart of our city.