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United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court by Richard Nixon (1907-1995)

a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef served on a bun, often with other ingredients

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Another college graduate, who goes to McDonald's for coffee almost every morning, said the prices of burgers are already high.
Get up to 50 per cent off some of the best burgers in town during Burger Week
Burger Lab, and Burger Shack, which are comparatively newer entrants, are giving tough competition to the pioneers of burgers in Pakistan that are trying to make a comeback.
Red Robin: Burgers for two sounds like a great way to celebrate this unofficial holiday.
Flame-grilled with passion, Classic Burger Joint serves burgers that cook up a gourmet storm.
After 5 years and over two million burgers grilled, Classic Burger Joint expanded into international markets like UAE, Kuwait and Cyprus.
Experience a taste of your childhood with old-fashioned soda fountain flavors mixed with a classic Brooks Burgers milkshake.
Abu Dhabi: It is a lofty challenge for all burger lovers in Abu Dhabi.
Nowadays, you can find all kinds of burgers ranging from simple to the extremely complicated.
US-based fast food brand, Elevation Burger, which offers organic beef patties, recently opened a new outlet in Latifa Towers on Sheikh Zayed road, next to Crowne Plaza Dubai.
hasn't seen quite the success of Classic Burger, it soon plans to open a new branch in the Beirut Souks, and its success is only likely to rise as the popularity of burgers gives rise to a growth in burger snobbery.
Most of the recipes give veggie burgers an international twist.
The latest addition to Amy's Kitchen line of veggie burgers pays tribute to the company's roots in Sonoma County California.
And even if you go there, do not order the burgers on the menu for the Legendary Burger Festival.
Dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food.