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a mayor of a municipality in Germany or Holland or Flanders or Austria

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Als der Burgermeister ankundigt: ,,Ich bringe eine Pistole", war der Schauspielerin noch nicht klar, dass die Pistole das Schlusselwort und der Informationstrager ist, wie aus den Ausfuhrungen dieser Studentin deutlich wird:
Modified semi quantitative score system with a scale of 0-2 as described below was used for grading the anti-angiogenic effect (Burgermeister et al.
THRIVING LINK: Troisdorf Burgermeister Klaus-Werner Jablonski, left, one of the German guests on Teesside
(25.) Harald Groller, Karl Seitz, Vienna 2002; Wolfgang Maderthaner, Karl Seitz, Vienna 2000; Rudolf Spitzer, Karl Seitz: Waisenknabe, Staatsprasident, Burgermeister, Vienna 1994.
(45) Schoener, Baudirektor, 29.11.1948 an Burgermeister Scharnagl, betrifft: Neuer Triebwagentyp der Munchener Strabenbahn, Stadtarchiv Munchen, B+R 2750; Verkehrsbetriebe, Bau- und Wagenabteilung, Vergleichende Betrachtungen uber den neuesten vierachsigen Zuricher Strassenbahnwagen und den neuen dreiachsigen Munchener Strassenbahnwagen, 18.11.1950, Stadtarchiv Munchen, B+R 2750.
"The Burgermeister (mayor), his middle aged wife and daughter, who appeared to have been in her early twenties, had taken poison.
"At our main brewery in Zhaoqing I have Lucky Vancouver, Falstaff Fort Wayne, a good portion of Falstaff Omaha, a kettle that was originally built for Burgermeister in San Francisco--which became a Falstaff plant in its last incarnation; a couple of pieces out of Fischer Salt Lake--which became part of Lucky, I believe--and a filler originally purchased for Meyer Brewing of Los Angeles and subsequently bounced around the Kalmanovitz empire.
Researchers now claim the strange mix of virus strains could only have occurred in a research laboratory, and there is even a public litigation suit filed by a Jane Burgermeister who has proof that 72 kilos of this 'virus' was actually shipped to various ports by Baxter to start this entire hullabaloo.
Von da aus schickte er am 15 May desselben Jahres eine Kiste mit Madreporen und Fossilien auf dem Sdriffe la Demoiselle Jeane nach Amsterdam an den damaligen Burgermeister Wilhelm Gideon Deutz *)27 zur weiteren Besorgung nach Wien, ab.
Jane Burgermeister provides some insights into what we can learn from Europe.
The unexpected appearance of San Quentin and the late, mourned Burgermeister Beer add to the humor, but they serve another function too.
Burgermeister (138 Church St.; 415-437-2874) "They have these incredible burgers made with beef from the organic farms north of the city.