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Synonyms for burg

a large and important town

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colloquial American term for a town

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Peter Sandstone has been correlated with sandstone as far south and west as the Simpson Group of Oklahoma and west Texas (Suhm and Ethington, 1975), and with outcrops of the Burgen Sandstone of eastern Oklahoma (Buttram, 1913).
His godfather was himself a Cambridge educated lifelong Communist and acquaintance of Burgen, Maclean, Philby etc - the so-called "Cambridge Spies".
ALLIED BAKERIES 01628 764300 owner of market leading brands Kingsmill, Allinson, Burgen and Sunblest, has appointed Martin Garlick as Category Director.
She added that there were 157 common contacts between the phones responsible for 17,649 calls and texts, 36 known associates of Curtis Warren and 10 common contacts between the phones of Burgen and the prison phones.
20 Stephen Burgen, The Guardian, 11 September 2012.
18) Knotek, How Useful Is Okun's Law and Emily Burgen, Brent Meyer and Murat Tasci, "An Elusive Relation Between Unemployment and GDP Growth: Okun's Law, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Economic Trends, April 5, 2012.
This suggests that Okun's law may hold only during business cycle downturns, and that during long expansions the relationship breaks down (a finding we confirm in an analysis we did in April of this year--see Burgen, Meyer, and Tasci in the recommended readings).
Morrisons was only exclusively cheapest on one item, the Burgen loaf, thanks to a price cut promotion.
The Allied Bakeries plant at Milton, in the north of the city, also produces Burgen bread and supermarket own-brand loaves for Tesco and Asda.
He was referring to the Norway-flagged Burgen Surveyor, owned by French company CGG Veritas which is conducting undersea research off Cyprus' coast on behalf of Turkey.
New Perspectives on Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Goals and Purposes of Higher Education in the 21st Century, Editor Arnold Burgen.
1949 yilinda Ingiliz DrAS Burgen BoNT'in noromuskuler bileskede asetilkolin salinimini inhibe ederek etki gosterdigini bulmustur.
The launch of the Little Big Loaf boosted sales of Kingsmill, while its Burgen brand increased its share of the health market and Allinson consolidated its position in the premium wholemeal sector.
London and Bristol: Arnold Burgen, Jessica Kingley Pub; 1996.