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measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom

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An additional new feature of Titration Excellence is the intelligent burette. A radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor has been added to all dosing units.
The 775 offers push-button control down to a 0.001ml resolution and with an accuracy ten times better than any grade A burette. The speed of titration addition may be controlled for even the most demanding application.
BrandTech has released a 10 mL size of BRAND Titrette bottletop burette. This size provides enhanced performance, meeting the tolerance limits for 10 mL Class A glass burettes per ASTM and DIN EN ISO 285.
The BRAND Titrette bottletop burette provides titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes.
The burettes for titrants can be exchanged with a single hand and are available in four different sizes.
It also includes beakers, pitchers, Erlenmeyer flasks and automatic burettes. The line incorporates a range of laboratory accessories including container pumps, laboratory trays, slide boxes, pipette bulbs, tube racks, tubing and tubing accessories.