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Synonyms for bur

seed vessel having hooks or prickles

small bit used in dentistry or surgery

remove the burrs from


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Police began investigating Melling and his co-conspirators Paul Bures, 53, Derek Marshall, 52, and Graeme Marshall, 24, in 2007 after one of the victims' fathers contacted them.
The slides originally taken by George Bures Miller's grandfather, whom the artist never met, were taken on a drive from Canada to New York City where he went to consult a doctor for his cancer treatment.
Vasan and Austrian Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and0 Technology Doris Bures signed the Memorandum of Understanding here.
About 80% of Austrian-made solar panels are exported, at a volume that has quadrupled over the last five years, said Doris Bures, Austrian Minister of Technology, citing Austria's innovation in sustainable technology.
"The UK would never agree to such a proposal, and if it goes through, it would be the decision of euro zone members and would shift financial centers from Frankfurt to London," said Jan Bures, chief economist at Postovni sporitelna bank.
Conducting a critical analysis of the implementation, utilization, and impact of the European Union's legal and institutional innovations that have been adopted in support of counterterrorism policy, Bures (Metropolitan U.
They were Turkey's Hamdullah Aykutlug and Tomas Bures of Czech Republic.
Reinhold Mitterlehner, Federal Minister of Economy, Family and Youth and Doris Bures, Federal Minister for Transport, Innovation and Technology in the Federal Republic of Austria relating to enhancing and promoting fields of the economic, trade and investment cooperation between the Sultanate and Austria.
Writing for beginning graduate students in optics, and especially those in fiber optics, Bures (engineering physics, Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Quebec) sets out some of the general concepts of guided waves and fiber components like couplers, tapered fibers, and fiber Bragg gratings.
As Minister Doris Bures said for Austrian daily Wirtschaftsblatt, the government started talks with Magna.
TTX and lidocaine are widely used drugs in behavioural studies to transiently inactivate brain structures (Cimadevilla, Miranda, Lopez, & Arias, 2005; Fenton & Bures, 1993; Zhuravin & Bures, 1991).
Italian and Austrian Transport Ministers, Altero Matteoli and Doris Bures, signed a memorandum of understanding, on 18 May in Rome, to build the Brenner rail tunnel.
One fugitive hiding in Spain was Paul Bures, wanted over a child sex ring on North Tyneside.
This history of Australia's oldest synagogue was written by its former rabbi, Raymond Apple, and 31 members of the congregation including RAHS benefactor Morris Forbes, historian Suzanne Rutland and writer Susan Bures. It covers the history of the building, one of the great treasures of Sydney, and of its rabbis and ministers, and the congregation and community which it has served since 1878.
Middlesbrough-born Peter Melling, 58, who had been living in Spain, and Paul Anthony Bures, 53, from Kent, were both jailed indefinitely.