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Synonyms for bureaucracy

Synonyms for bureaucracy

nonelective government officials

a government that is administered primarily by bureaus that are staffed with nonelective officials

any organization in which action is obstructed by insistence on unnecessary procedures and red tape

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By bureaucratisation we mean the classification of the various Indigenous Peoples of Sabah as Bumiputra who are simultaneously regarded in practice as having 'different' characteristics (from 'Malayness').
Elle reussit a assez bien financer ses agences membres et s'en contente sans trop chercher un role de planification ou de coordination; malgre une certaine bureaucratisation et professionnalisation, elle reste a la merci des relations personnelles entre conseil d'administration et direction generale, d'un mode de selection et de controle des agences moins formalise, et globalement elle se fait le defenseur d'une conception traditionnelle de la charite.
Finally, the increasing bureaucratisation and commercialism of health care reduced the clinical autonomy of health care professionals, thereby weakening one of the pillars of professionalism.
Conceptually informed, Upchurch opens up a tantalising debate about bureaucratisation, sectional specificity and the sociological basis of adversarialism.
Le livre a obtenu pendant toutes ces annees une reconnaissance importante comme point de repere sur quelques sujets conflictuels, principalement les etudes sur la bureaucratisation et la corruption en Afrique et ailleurs, et la question des liens entre les aspects formels et informels dans les organisations complexes.
The field of application of the open method of coordination (OMC) must be enlarged to "avoid bureaucratisation" to European actors (social partners and NGO's) and the Parliament.
Third sector development is often influenced by forces of bureaucratisation and commercialisation, too.
This shift in emphasis not only characteristes peacetime militaries, but is also accompanied by the increasing bureaucratisation of the military.
Indeed, following the twentieth century, which has all the necessary credentials to be named the Century of Terrorism with its 'bureaucratisation of terror', 9/11, as it has come to be known, was supreme only in terms of the quality of its shock value, not the scale of its butchery.
There is certainly no consensus among the people of Wales, who are unlikely ever to get a chance to express their views either about the Welsh language or about the bureaucratisation and professionalisation which has characterised its development in recent years.
In addition, the Department of Finance also expressed concerns over a drastic bureaucratisation of the tax paying process.
Hannah Arendt, a radical post-World War Two political thinker, argued: 'Representative government itself is in a crisis today, partly because it has lost, in the course of time, all institutions that permitted the citizen's actual participation and partly because it is now gravely affected by the disease from which the party suffers; bureaucratisation and the [political] parties' tendency to represent nobody except the party machines.
Weber recognised the dangers of bureaucratisation and spoke of how measurement processes could turn people into cogs in a machine.
In this paper, we utilise data from the 1996 Australian National Trade Union Survey (ANTUS) to explore key questions concerning the alleged bureaucratisation of Australian unions and its consequences for union democracy.