Food and Drug Administration

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a federal agency in the Department of Health and Human Services established to regulate the release of new foods and health-related products

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In 1940, Franklin Roosevelt ( moved the Bureau of Chemistry , by then renamed the Food and Drug Administration, out of the USDA and into the Federal Security Agency, which later became the Department of Health and Human Services.
As long as the labels did not contain false information about the ingredients or make demonstrably false claims about their effects, the Bureau of Chemistry had no power over them.
Beginning as the Division of Chemistry and then (after July 1901) the Bureau of Chemistry, the modern era of the FDA dates to 1906, with the passage of the Federal Food & Drugs Act, he notes.
Early on, they criticize Wiley as a poor "bureaucratic entrepreneur" for not transforming the Bureau of Chemistry into a sugar industry research unit along the lines of the German model, which would have easily secured its then uneasy future in the Department of Agriculture.
Then I took a competitive examination for a position in Washington in the Bureau of Chemistry and won it and was enrolled among the government employees and expected to go there right after commencement in 1907.
Department of Agriculture and its Bureau of Chemistry, FDA's predecessor.
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