burden of proof

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the duty of proving a disputed charge

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Common misconceptions include that the documentation process is lengthy, that the burden of evidence must be high, and that physicians may be called as witnesses.
The court also found that the burden of evidence was too high for those filing complaints toward their attempts to show that errors were made in environmental assessments.
The CTA added: "Luang's categorical denial of the receipt of the PAN shifted the burden of evidence to the CIR to prove otherwise.
It follows that the burden of evidence for the benefits of separation should fall upon those arguing for independence.
The Order further states that taking peculiar circumstances of the Pakistani consumer into account, more so, in the telecom industry where the consumers range is of widest amplitude, we should not favour a return to unregulated laissez-faire marketing that would transfer the burden of evidence from the seller, who has the advantage of intimate knowledge of the product, to the buyer, who of necessity must make many, often instantaneous choices in the course of a day.