burden of proof

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the duty of proving a disputed charge

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"Nasa accusers o yung nagrereklamo yung burden of evidence, burden of proof nasaan ang ebidensya ninyo otherwise tumahimik na lang kayo dahil hindi naman kayo ang nagpapakamatay para sa inang-bayan [The burden of evidence, burden of proof is with the accusers or those with complaints.
Dillingham said the burden of evidence fell on the petitioners' shoulders.
Det Supt Barron said there are cases where police can find other ways of dealing with suspected sex offenders and protecting the vulnerable people they target, which does not put the burden of evidence on their victims.
The Bar Council is also concerned about the burden of evidence placed on a suspect.
The Comelec's decision to shift the burden of evidence on petitioner [Poe] places an undue burden on the exercise of a fundamental political right of a member of a discrete and insular minority that has a right to equal protection in general and a right to equal access to opportunities for public service under Article II [of the Constitution], the Solicitor General said.
Common misconceptions include that the documentation process is lengthy, that the burden of evidence must be high, and that physicians may be called as witnesses.