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English actor who was the first to play the leading role in several of Shakespeare's tragedies (1567-1619)

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DIVISION TWO: Atherstone v Bedworth G Evans P York, Attleborough v Burbage J Mason P Whiteman, Collycroft v Ansley G Oakes G Seal, Stockingford-Haunchwood v Griff & Coton B Brindley T Howard DIVISION THREE: Griff & Coton v Atherstone M Green C Neale, Griff Crew v Barwell A Bulpitt R Watkin, Hinckley Amateurs 2nd v Attleborough Sports 2nd G Bowen P Musson, Nuneaton 2nd v Obese G Barnett N Richardson.
He found Richard Burbage in his office behind a desk piled with scripts and scrolls and columns of figures on long strips of paper.
Burbage accounts for his individualized, professional and successful efforts in the precious metals industry through his personalized training platforms with his staff, his customized client approaches and his ability to maintain a transparent and clean business approach.
And Mr Burbage said that, ``as an Englishman'', he has found the council's branding strong and says: ``I can say the name and almost point it out on a map of the UK.
Burbage oversaw the critical final year of Lockheed Martin's campaign.
Yes, it does hurt," Burbage told reporters in Washington, D.
Riley was overseeing the boarding-up of city buildings as Burbage arrived.
Some actors may have been "type cast," but King shows that Taylor and John Lowin played a variety of roles - from hero to villain, as obviously Burbage had done - a fact that helps account for the richness of Shakespeare's characterization and the variety of his characters.
With the consolidation behind us now, the market can be witnessed making a healthy correction that may test the recent high from March, 2008," claimed Burbage.
To have been selected to receive this award named after a pioneer in the field of oncology nursing is an honor," says Burbage.
There is some difference in performance at sea level compared to the high desert - and we wanted to get the airplane in the hands of the customers,'' said Tom Burbage, Lockheed Martin executive vice president and JSF general manager, in a telephone news conference.
As gold continues to rise, individual investors who have new money to invest in large quantities will definitely see remarkable returns on their investments," Burbage said, noting that the confidence in the dollar will affect the price of gold but that this confidence is building on the regular.
DEVELOPER Guild Homes is building a selection of mews properties in Burbage, Leicestershire, which it promises to be highly desirable to potential buyers.
FORT WORTH, Texas, July 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Lockheed Martin F-35 vice president Tom Burbage is the recipient of the 2007 Leadership Excellence Award, presented by the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership at the United States Naval Academy and the Harvard Business Review.
Program manager Tom Burbage noted the Saturday flight's historic significance: The last aircraft Lockheed produced for the Navy was the S-3 submarine hunter almost 30 years ago.