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a trivalent metalloid element

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"Even though time is limited, we have also sponsored a lunch and clothing donations at a local orphanage through Mr Burah and his wife Shabina.
That the judiciary is yet to be fully bifurcated from the executive while the village councils or the Gaon Burah Institution commands unchallenged power?
"French and European animation filmmakers have positioned themselves on a different market, with auteurish animated features often less conventional, more modestly budgeted and innovative in some way," says Remi Burah, Arte France Cinema deputy CEO.
The opening of the festival was conducted by the director of the French German Cultural Center in presence of Remi Burah, the secretary general of the TV channel and the Arte's secretary of international relations, who called the festival a "great opportunity to have French and German films in Palestine".
Burah, (41) the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council affirmed the power of colonial courts to hold colonial laws invalid:
Also present on the occasion were Rajkumar Selvarajan, Credit/ Inventory Controller, Vincent Wimaldas, Product Manager (Tools & Equipment), Tuan Afaham Burah, Metabo Field Specialist and Qatar Veterans Cricket Association officials.
He also rubbished accusations of having embezzled stipends of students and the salaries of gaon burah.
Co-producers, Lars Jonsson, Madeleine Ekman, Marianne Slot, Bettina Brokemper, Tomas Eskilsson, Katarina Krave, Jerome Klement, Michel Reilhac, Remi Burah.
R v Burah (1878) and Hodge v The Queen (1883), both relied upon in Powell, concerned the legislative powers conferred upon the Indian legislature and the legislature of the Canadian province of Ontario.