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1997: 40) and Madrah & Karaakng (1997: 33) used as a synonym for the nayuq timang of the origin myth where they referred to "[t]he ones who ate the cooked flesh of Bura.
re (a Bura Snow catered holiday in March is GBP449, compared to an average of GBP900 in Val d'IsE?
Gulab Singh Bura is grateful to Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra for granting him the University Research Scholarship (URS) for carrying out this research work.
Murray made the original foam puppets and then brought in his chums, Bob Bura and John Hardwick, who added wire to the figures and filmed the series using stop motion animation.
His hired Ford Fusion, then driving the wrong way, ploughed into a Peugeot, killing three Romanians, Vasile Calin, aged 27, Vasile Florin Bura, 27, and Florin Paska, 18.
On Wednesday February 10, 2009, we were requested to join a team of Beit Hanoun locals in the Bura area in search of the body of Abu 'Oda who has not been found despite two days of searching.
As a woman born and bred in northern Nigeria, who speaks some northern Nigerian languages, including Hausa and Bura, I was accepted as an equal in most of the situations I was observing, so I studied performances which were generally natural and unaffected.
Bura is worried that the test phase may drag on longer than the 60 days and if it does the public will probably become aware that there are alternatives to NSI, depending on the success of the test-bed company's marketing efforts, which are non-existent right now.
On one occasion, the rangers were stoned and assaulted in the village of Bura Bura.
Some 240 miles downstream, the Tana passes the Bura Irrigation project, followed 50 miles further downstream by a project intended to protect biodiversity.
Tenders are invited for Providing Pipe Line to Drain Out the Rain Water in Low Lying Area of Village Badhai Outfalling into Bura Gujjar drain at RD 27150
Upset with the unpleasant welcome in Shivpuri, Swaraj pulled up Pavaiya and told him, "Mere sth Shivpuri me bahut bura hua ( It was a bad experience for me).
The dead body was later identified by locals as Kuldeep Singh @ Bura @ Nihang of Khenkaran.
Ducia had been trying to get back to Russia, where as a young woman of 17, she and her mother, Yuliana Bura, had been rounded up in 1941 by the invading Nazi army from their home on the outskirts of Stalingrad, now Volgograd.