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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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The purpose of BURA software framework is to provide free full text access to the public funded OA research outputs in different form (e.
Peugeot driver Mr Bura, of the same address, died of multiple traumatic injuries due to a car crash, Mr Balmain said.
Arturo Benavides, director general de BURA para America Latina, hablo de como la mayor parte de las organizaciones continua luchando con su estrategia de respaldo y recuperacion, siendo el crecimiento y complejidad de la informacion la causa recurrente por la que no ha sido posible alcanzar este objetivo.
7%), Babur/Bura males (43%) and Babur/ Bura females (40%), this results agrees with the findings of Mibodi & Frahani (1996) and Golalipour et al.
Pat Parkes, jobs and enterprise manager, Greets Green Partnership' Stuart Fell, managing director, West Bromwich Tool Engineering' Larry Houston, principal, the Atlantic Group and Jon Ladd, chief executive BURA
THE Shiney Row Advice and Resource Project has received an award from the BURA Charitable Trust.
The exception was the Bura diviner/herbalist who said, "I got my knowledge from spirits who warned me not to tell anybody, and I have no information on SSS, which is a whiteman's medicine.
CYCLING: Former world champ Pavel Bura, of the Czech Republic, is one of the pedal power stars who will join the line-up at the City of Edinburgh BCF Grand Prix International Meeting at Meadowbank Velodrome this weekend.
So how do Frost's nonfigurative drawings and the implicitly figurative Bura sculptures relate?
Bura is worried that the test phase may drag on longer than the 60 days and if it does the public will probably become aware that there are alternatives to NSI, depending on the success of the test-bed company's marketing efforts, which are non-existent right now.
On one occasion, the rangers were stoned and assaulted in the village of Bura Bura.
Some 240 miles downstream, the Tana passes the Bura Irrigation project, followed 50 miles further downstream by a project intended to protect biodiversity.
The intelligent filtering and error-checking will enhance data integrity and increase efficiencies for both the customer and our internal provisioning staff," said Chris Bura, Chief Executive Officer of Alldomains.