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a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad


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En el caso del venado bura, se realizaron conteos nocturnos con ayuda de luz artificial en tres transectos fijos de 400 m aproximadamente de ancho, que en total suman 16.8 [km.sup.2] aproximadamente (Villarreal, 1999; Lancia, Kendall, Pollock, & Nichols, 2005).
mexicana) en la Sierra del Carmen es importante para entender la relacion depredador-presa y el diseno de estrategias efectivas de conservacion, al mismo tiempo se evaluo la disponibilidad de presa alternativa como el venado bura (O.
The purpose of BURA software framework is to provide free full text access to the public funded OA research outputs in different form (e.g.
Why at the time of release?" Last heard, Riya's mother Moon Moon Sen was trying for a patch up between her daughter and the director of Ek Bura Aadmi.
Richard Buckley, pictured, TVR's director of regeneration, said: "The fact that a body such as BURA, which is a specialist organisation looking at the positive effects of regeneration, has chosen Middlesbrough College as a winner is an affirmation that we got it right.
His hired Ford Fusion, then driving the wrong way, ploughed into a Peugeot, killing three Romanians, Vasile Calin, aged 27, Vasile Florin Bura, 27, and Florin Paska, 18.
CPC, a not-for-profit mortgage lender, provided the Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency (BURA) with a construction revolving credit loan of $2, 275,000.
The result also agrees with the study carried out in India (Tuli et al., 1995), but disagrees with the result obtained in this study that showed the Babur/ Bura newborns though living in tropical Nigeria as mesocephalic.
Baglan Energy Park in Neath Port Talbot has won the British Urban Regeneration Award (BURA) for best practice in regeneration, one of only two projects in Wales to win an award.
"The fact that the project has been commended by the Waterways Trust and BURA is testimony to the hard work of everyone involved."
Dingle Multi Agency Centre has scooped a BURA Charitable Trust accolade for community regeneration.
THE Shiney Row Advice and Resource Project has received an award from the BURA Charitable Trust.