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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Tolstoy's three antipathies find expression in the three names he uses in the text: Buonaparte ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Bonaparte ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and Napoleon.
Conspiration de Buonaparte contre Louis XVIII, Roi de France et de Navarre, ou relation de ce qui s'est passe depuis la capitulation de Paris du 30 mars 1814 jusqu'au 22 juin 1815, epoque de la seconde abdication de Buonaparte.
One of Pasquale di Paoli's secretaries had been Carlo Buonaparte, father of Napoleon.
That's a start, but Mahoney and her friend Cheseray Buonaparte, who has helped her navigate the recertification process, say that the nature of being disabled means it's difficult for people to follow up, or to go through the bureaucratic hoops like others, so the recertification process might continue to weed out people who really do need it.
For weeks, the man - who calls himself Caesar Saint Augustine de Buonaparte - has been sending up hundreds of balloons a day from his home in the hope of tracking their distance.
Col Ponsonby bets Mr Raikes 100 guineas to 50 that Buonaparte enters Paris as a conqueror on or before May 1, 1815".
His grandson was then named Buon-de-parte or Buonaparte - and now figures in world history as the great Napoleon.
200 YEARS AGO: Just as our paper was going to press an overland express arrived at the East India House from our Consul at Constantinople, with letters from Sir Sydney Smith in Egypt, containing the most important account of the French army under Buonaparte having made four desperate attacks on Acre, and that he had been repulsed each time with the most considerable loss.
200 YEARS AGO: Buonaparte gave his word of honour to the Count Cobentzel and the other Plenipotentiaries at Campo Formio, that Switzerland and the Pope's dominion should not be disturbed nor change matters.
200 YEARS AGO: The fate of the French expedition to Egypt appears to be at length finally decided by the death of Buonaparte and the massacre of the greater part of his army.