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a painful swelling of the bursa of the first joint of the big toe

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Then it turns out Mrs Bunyon's rival has also been murdered.
Others, including Teresa of Avila and John Bunyon point to similar experiences.
Bunyon's Pilgrim's Progress, and Sir Thomas Browne's
Choices include our usual selection, the BBQ chicken nachos ($8.29), Canadian cheese spinach dip ($7.29) and Bunyon Onion ($6.49), Bugaboo's version of the blooming onion.
McDougall's marriage to Harriette Bunyon in 1843 brought him into a family that included the influential Bickersteth dynasty, pillars of traditional orthodoxy, as well as the more heterodox John Colenso.
Even folklore has its heroes, as witness Casey Jones the railroad engineer and Paul Bunyon the lumberjack.
Competition: 311 2D Drawing S.E.N.(Severe) under 25 yrs: 1, Eve Govier Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn, Cylch Llandysul, Rhanbarth Ceredigion; 2, Iwan Bunyon Ysgol Gyfun Maes yr Yrfa, Cylch Mynydd Mawr, Rhanbarth Gorllewin Myrddin.
Stop in your tracks where Mark di Suvero's Bunyon's Chess, an iconoclastic, kinetic work constructed of logs and thick chain, seems at home over-looking the railroad.
John Bunyon, John Milton, William Wordsworth and Herman Melville's language and story-telling skills were inspired by the King James Version.
Harriette's brother, Charles Bunyon, also published many of their letters in Memoirs of Bishop McDougall ...
Paul Bunyon: An American Saga (1934, music not extant)
It can shift your toes down and squeeze them together causing a Halux Vargus a bunyon.
The Implied Reader: Patterns of Communication in Prose Fiction from Bunyon to Beckett.
Gary Johnson, advanced services manager for Paul Bunyon Rural Telephone Cooperative (Bemidji, Minn.), said his company had to hire new employees to meet the demand, and he said other telcos can expect to do the same.
"You're competing against you and the golf course." Her favorite courses are Pebble Beach and Bally Bunyon, in Ireland.