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Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts

nut tasting like roasted chestnuts

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The conservation status, specific to prioritised woody species, was determined in Bunya County by asking respondents to list species that are becoming scarce (hard to find) and those that are increasing or becoming abundant.
For example, Bunya cultivar, belonging to maturity group VI, showed the presence of multiple shoot initials originating from all over the half split and complete hypocotyl explants.
[17.] Meredith R, Bunya V, Orlin S (2011) Corneal edema and haze after selective laser trabeculoplasty.
Maeda, Eiji, Bunya Fujiwara, Aiko Mineshima and Ken Taniguchi.
Gracias a sus protestas evitaron que removieran del parque Douglas un arbol conocido como Australian bunya, con mas de treinta anos de antiguedad (Jarvey, 2009).
###Cremian Congo Haemmorhagic virus (Bunya virus)###CCHV disease (man)
One morning on my way to work during 2009, I saw a hand-lettered banner draped over the war memorial, with the red words 'Save our Bunya Trees'.
"Nihonkoku seifu to chuka jinmin kyowakoku tono kankyo energy bunya ni okeru kyoryoku suishin ni kansuru communique." Press release.
A Curious Films Distribution release of Bunya Prods.
Maeda, Eiji; Fujiwara, Bunya; Mineshima, Aiko and Taniguchi, Ken.
Saudi female social and religious researcher Bunya Al Milhim warned that strange fatwas were exploited by people with a political agenda.
SPECIMENS EXAMINED: QUEENSLAND: 2[male][male], Bunya Mountains, 26 March 1957 (QM); [male], 1 larva, Mahogany Forest, Mt Moffatt National Park, 24[degrees]55'S 148[degrees]04'E, 1,200 m, 26 September 26 November 1995, GB Monteith, intercept (QM); 1[male], same data as previous, CJ Burwell and S Evans (QM); NEW SOUTH WALES: 8[male][male], 19, Marengo State Forest, jct.
Bunya, theAa regulatory authority of Reem Island, today officially planted the first tree on its Reem Island development, embarking on a green journey in conjunction with Tamouh, Reem Investments and Sorouh, the three master developers of the island.