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Spanish film director (1900-1983)


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The title of the book, Queering Bunuel, suggests that this is what the author has in mind.
We deduced, however, from the prices that Bunuel does not cater to your standard fare.
Bunuel plans to narrate it by keeping the " surprise quotient" intact.
As per the deal, Alstom will be assembling the turbine nacelles in its production units located in Amarillo, Texas, and in Bunuel, Spain, and will even source other components globally.
Dali's association with all forms of art led to his work with fashion giants Christian Dior and Coco Chanel as well as movies with Luis Bunuel, Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney.
Belle de Jour's Luis Bunuel called it "the only movie about what the modern world really means".
DEs le generique, le metteur en scEne dedie d'ailleurs le film a Luis Bunuel, Stan Laurel et Oliver Hardy, Ingmar Bergman, Juan Carlos Tabio, (2) Elia Kazan, Buster Keaton, Jean Vigo (3) et Marilyn Monroe, (4) ce qui nous donne quelques indices quant a l'univers culturel du cineaste et du film.
Dating from 1880, it was a meeting place for the likes of Picasso, Dali and Bunuel, among others.
A partir de demain s'ouvre a la cinematheque d'Alger un cycle consacre au grand realisateur Luis Bunuel (1900 -- 1983).
Epstein wrote the screenplay with Luis Bunuel, who was originally assistant director - but Bunuel actually quit the film after clashing with Epstein over the latter's decision to basically ignore Poe's original story.
With Luis Bunuel as assistant director, Epstein fashioned a film in which the editing and rhythm imposed by the slow motion, super-impositions, travelling shots and a mobile camera contribute to the film's unity.
Carriere may be best known for his long collaboration with director Luis Bunuel, with whom he worked for nearly 20 years and shared Oscar nominations for 1972's ''The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie'' and 1977's ''That Obscure Object of Desire.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Federico Garcia Lorca was an acclaimed Spanish poet, painter, playwright, theatre director and close friend to Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel.
The 2015 Cinefondation prizes were given out during a ceremony held in the Bunuel Theatre, followed by the screening of the winning films.
All these essays are well done and useful, especially when combined with other existing bibliography (for example, Paco Ignacio Taibo's delightful books on El Indio Fernandez and Maria Felix; Ariel Zuniga's penetrating study on Roberto Gavaldon, Victor Fuentes's incisive Bunuel en Mexico, etc.