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Some stars, lilies, leopards, a crescent, a lion, an eagle, or other figure which came into credit God knows how, on an old rag of bunting, blowing in the wind on a fort at the ends of the earth, shall make the blood tingle under the rudest or the most conventional exterior.
Individuals are unusual, however, because snow buntings do tend to stick together in small groups.
Through small investment, vendors national dealing in buntings, flags etc can avail opportunities to generate the revenue and profit in small scale business", President, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and industry (RCCI), Mian Humayun Parvez told reporter here on Thursday.
The stalls present a good variety of national flags, flag buntings as well as colorful buntings, badges, posters of national heros and historic buildings, which are center of attraction for children, teenagers and youngsters.
In his transcription, Corning (1929:69) wrote: "Mirth all about us, the Cardinals, the Iowa Buntings, the Meadow Larks, and Many Spcies of
While these Arctic-breeding species overlap spatially and temporally during wintering, migration, and breeding, longspurs and buntings have distinct sexual characters and breed in different ecological niches, which may account for the reproductive isolation or low rates of hybridization of these species.
The scholarships, which are now $500 apiece, are awarded to college-age children of Buntings employees for either university or vocational training.
TARGETED wildlife-friendly farming measures help boost numbers of corn buntings, which have seen populations crash countrywide, research by conservationists has shown.
After a hair-raising international escape, the Buntings settled uneasily back in Newcastle; he returned to poetry in the 1960s, finding readers for the first time.
each body left with a note from "The Avenger" Before long, the Buntings begin to view their lodger with suspicion.
Two Reed Buntings flew in to feed and were joined by Chaffinches,but no sign of the bird.
Neo 50" is now an option for all Buntings cartridge magnets.
It can hardly be that readers are supposed to react against Bunting by affirming the Christian beliefs of the elder Buntings and Jane.
explained, "Indigo buntings have no pigment; they are actually black, but the diffraction of light through the structure of the feathers makes them appear blue.
Buntings main contention, fleshed out rigorously early on and somewhat raggedly as he presses onward, runs something like this.