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a gas burner used in laboratories


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One of these cases was the German theologian--or rather, universal scholar and statesman--Christian Carl Josias von Bunsen (1791-1860).(1) Although his contribution to scholarship in other fields has been thoroughly studied, his liturgical work has been completely neglected.(2) This is presumably because the results of this work have not found more general acceptance in the Church's practical usage.
This study sets out to illuminate the influence of the Book of Common Prayer on Bunsen's work.
Moreover, from this passage we learn that at this time Bunsen was already acquainted with the English baptismal and burial rites as well.
It was certainly not by chance that Bunsen chose to insert exactly this prayer into his order.
Bunsen, however, was well aware that it was not enough for a liturgical renaissance, which he considered necessary for German Protestantism, simply to borrow some valuable pieces from the English or any other tradition.
Bunsen intended to achieve this goal in a comprehensive `Codex Liturgicus ecclesiae universe', which, however, remained an unpublished fragment.(19) But even the unfinished manuscript shows the great importance that Bunsen attributed to the English liturgy.
A development in Germany, which Bunsen could not and did not foresee, forced him soon to abandon his mainly theoretical approach--namely the attempt to unite the Lutheran and the Reformed Churches in Prussia by means of the introduction of an official liturgy for both denominations in 1821 1.