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German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)

a gas burner used in laboratories

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The 20-episode Bunsen is a Beast is available on the Nickelodeon Play app, which can also be accessed through the Variety Plus Pack on Singtel's Cast app.
Appliance of science: Members of Holywell High School Bunsen Buddies club
This demonstration can also be used to help explain the yellow and blue flames of the Bunsen burner as well as the difference between complete and incomplete combustion.
4th race: 1 Seeking Star (Kameel A Jalil Al Mallah, Ramzi Al Baqlawa, Gerald Avranche); 2 Barbary Boy (Hussain Ebrahim Al Afoo, A Kuwaiti, Adnan Jaffar); 3 The Emperor Nero (Hussain Ebrahim Al Afoo, A Kuwaiti, Ali Al Saffar); 4 Bunsen Burner (Noof Mazin Alwannih, Taleb Ali, Hussain Makki).
Items will include: 202 microscopios binoculares, 101 balanzas metalicas, 101 probetas de vidrio, 101 gradillas, 10,100 tubos de ensayo, 101 espatulas, 101 mecheros Bunsen, 202 vasos quimicos, 101 cintas metricas, 101 lupas de mano, 1,010 cajas de porta objetos, 101 cajas de cubre objetos, 101 morteros con su pistilo.
If the resume doesn't immediately attract and hold my attention, then I will return to working on the many samples on the Bunsen burner.
Tambien el se habia quedado aqui, tambien Bunsen, contramaestre de guerra: hombre de mejillas tersas, abrochado con esmero, y con esa mirada a la que nada le quedaba oculto.
Jim Bolger runs two here, including the consistent Bunsen Burner, while Curragh trainer Mick Halford also has the consistent SoapWars in the field.
Q MY chemistry teacher claims the Bunsen burner was invented by a man named Bunsen but I remember seeing something on TV saying someone else invented it.
Cuatro de los estudios que conforman el presente numero enfocan tematicas relacionadas con el proceso de implantacion de las reformas borbonicas en el virreinato peruano: las estrategias seguidas por la elite indigena de Lima para obtener privilegios en la sociedad colonial (Gonzalo Carrillo Ureta); la funcion del arte dramatico como elemento catalizador de los conflictos sociales (Cesar Itier); el temor de las autoridades ante un posible levantamiento criollo luego de la rebelion de Tupac Amaru (Cora Bunsen y Ana Maria Lorandi); y el papel de los funcionarios peninsulares en la explotacion minera colonial (Kendall W.
But giving her an unexpected bang trim next time you're working the Bunsen burner would a) get you suspended and b) completely blow your chances of getting The Guy.
SCIENCE Science at school was an enjoyable subject, especially when you set your best mate's hair on fire with a Bunsen burner
Yet it gives the still wannabe Scientist inside of me a glow like that of a Bunsen burner that books such as these might just open the door for the next generation or explorers of information and seekers of answers to step through.
But it wasn't until two centuries later that Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff revealed how the chemical composition of the Sun is imprinted in the very light it emits.