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German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)

a gas burner used in laboratories

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True to his liberal upbringing, and in spite of adverse circumstances and sometimes vigorous opposition, de Bunsen was to strive, both as administrator and inspector, to enable elementary schoolteachers to expand their horizons and to develop their innate talents.
The inquest heard the fridge's compressor unit failed, causing the pentane gas used to refrigerate the appliance to turn the fridge into a "Bunsen burner" while the pair slept.
And with that Otway had his second hit, Bunsen Burner hit number nine in the charts and the singer was invited onto Top Of The Pops for a second time.
Stuck to her task well when runner-up to Bunsen Burner in 7f nursery at Galway on Saturday and gets the vote to record her second win, stepping up a furlong.
Jim Bolger sent out his first winner of the week as the consistent Bunsen Burner made most of the running under Kevin Manning to land the nursery.
Last week I think that I touched on the subject of global warming and also expressed an opinion on scientists, who have conjured the whole thing up with graphs, pie charts, test tubes, Bunsen burners and I don't know what all.
2 containers for heating: cooking pans or glass beakers * heat source: hot plate or Bunsen burner * tap water * thermometers * small aquatic plant from pet store * timer
This glorified relative of a Bunsen burner, however, ranks second only to Sextans in faintness in Michael E.
Stirring a pot on a stovetop or a beaker on a Bunsen burner is not the same as mixing ingredients in a 100-gallon vat.
In 1860, Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff demonstrated how they could identify useful elements such as iron, copper and lead, or sodium and potassium, in potential ores, by the colors that powdered specimens sprinkled into a Bunsen burner flame produced.
The stoking of a bunsen burner, the stoking of a boiler, the stoking of the people of a nation, are all one problem."
Meanwhile, Bryson Dechambeau turned on the bunsen burners in Dubai to scorch to his fourth victory in nine starts.