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a resort with lodging and facilities for skiing

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I remember going down the bunny slope and sitting down because I felt like I was going too fast.
then off to the bunny slope. I was already in pain; my feet hurt like they had never hurt before, but that was not going to stop me.
Before we knew it, Jerry was on a lift going up to the top of the "bunny slope"--the part of the mountain with a gently declining topography for beginners, the timid, and the downright cowardly.
And Emilio Estevez's fifth directorial outing, Rated X, was about as titillating for festival audiences as a run down Park City's bunny slope.
For the first time, it gives ITV a bunny slope on which to try out new talent.
I passed Kathy a number of times on the Bunny Slope on my way down 'from the top' on Sunday.
Six-year-old Mercy, who Madonna adopted from Mali in 2009, also enjoyed the family's break on the slopes, getting a private instructor help her down the bunny slope. ( ANI )
What's more, so long as President Obama and Capitol Hill lawmakers remain rational and dispassionate, they can further lessen any impact the fiscal slope may have by turning it in to a smaller or "bunny slope," to borrow a skiing metaphor.
He says his staff will walk you through everything step by step, from boot rental to your first turn on the bunny slope.
"I like it," said 7-year-old Sophia Chalker of Roseburg, who paused to wrangle with a wayward ski before boarding the "magic carpet" - a mechanized conveyor belt embedded in the snow, similar to the moving walkways at airports, that transports beginners up the resort's gentlest bunny slope. "I've had a little trouble with my turns.
The first time I snowboarded, I went down the bunny slope but didn't know how to stop.
Our first zipline was the "bunny slope, only 25 feet above the ground," as Kimo said, to get us all acquainted with the feeling of gliding down the cable.
The Children's Center has its own gondola to the bunny slopes, and chilly young 'uns can always use the indoor climbing walls and slacklines if they need a break.
Then prices will go up and we'll have to ski on bunny slopes because of possible injuries on riskier lifts.
Purchasing lift tickets at your favorite mountain generally requires you to waive the right to sue if you sustain injuries practicing your "pizza" stance on the bunny slopes. But while agreements like this may have historically protected mountains from lawsuits filed by visitors who willingly engage in skiing and snowboarding (activities considerably more dangerous than sitting on the couch), a decision stemming from an Oregon based lawsuit could have implications on the risks that mountains assume when they let people careen down their trails.