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a resort with lodging and facilities for skiing

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I think I'm going to just hit the bunny slope today,'' she said while waiting for the afternoon ticket sale to kick off.
And Emilio Estevez's fifth directorial outing, Rated X, was about as titillating for festival audiences as a run down Park City's bunny slope.
For the first time, it gives ITV a bunny slope on which to try out new talent.
I passed Kathy a number of times on the Bunny Slope on my way down 'from the top' on Sunday.
Burton Snowboard's Ryan Larson will talk about his company's quick turnaround time for prototypes and on-snow functional testing thanks to 3D Systems' laser sintering technology during a presentation titled "Advancing Past the Bunny Slope.
But as her 25-year-old toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat looked on, the pop diva fell several times on the mostly flat trail- the bunny slope, the New York Daily News reported.
The so-called fiscal cliff is really a fiscal slope, and the slope that exists can be converted into a bunny slope - further mitigating any GDP impact - so long as President Obama and Congressional Republicans remain rational and dispassionate.
He says his staff will walk you through everything step by step, from boot rental to your first turn on the bunny slope.
I like it," said 7-year-old Sophia Chalker of Roseburg, who paused to wrangle with a wayward ski before boarding the "magic carpet" - a mechanized conveyor belt embedded in the snow, similar to the moving walkways at airports, that transports beginners up the resort's gentlest bunny slope.
The first time I snowboarded, I went down the bunny slope but didn't know how to stop.
Whether you're used to the bunny slope or black diamonds, Billy Kidd will spend a full weekend honing your skills in one-on-one lessons as he teaches the secrets of the snow.
As for Pynchon's gloriously complex style, the magnificent 1964 short story ``The Secret Integration'' (found in his 1984 collection ``Slow Learner'') has always offered the best bunny slope on which to find your footing, before tackling the novelistic alps that lie beyond.
Inadvertently snowplow your way from a bunny slope to one of these experts-only runs and you could be in for one scary roller-coaster ride with an impossibly abrupt grade and a seemingly endless array of moguls.
The kids just step on, skis and all, to get to the top of the bunny slope.