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a resort with lodging and facilities for skiing

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Sharon Wood, the owner of Bunny Hill Weddings, says the email was sent by someone who has now been sacked, and she has profusely apologised.
Most of my memories of learning to ski involved being with my dad, starting up the towrope on the bunny hill, secured between his skis.
Treat your feet to an adorable Pride-fest with the anime inspired Bunny Hill Keds.
The occasion is the awards brunch at the Whistler Film Festival, which, since its inception four years ago, has progressed from the bunny hill of film festivals to groomed intermediate.
Children shriek as they rip down a bunny hill on luge sleds, while, on the big hill, serious competitors throw triple twisting somersaults off the ski jumps.
Happy, Happy Kwanzaa (BrassHeart Music/Kids Creative Classics, $10.95), a family story about Kwanzaa, complete with crayons and sing-along coloring book, by Synthia Saint James and Bunny Hill.
Jodi got the bright idea that we could practice on the "bunny hill" until our lessons finally rolled around, so we got our gear (included with the lesson) and suited up.
You'll begin, of course, on the bunny hill, so named because even at the sight of this gentle slope beginners are inclined to hop off their skis, especially if a predecessor has left body-size indentations in the snow.
Last week councillors decided not to refer the overhaul, which included the shut down of walk-in services atWashington,Houghtonand Bunny Hill, to the Government for a review of the decision.
The plans, which were approved by NHS chiefs in January, agreed to shut walk-in services at Washington, Houghton and Bunny Hill and refer patients to Pallion Health Centre or offer a GP appointment.
The email had been sent to the woman after her mum and stepdad went to an open day eight weeks ago at Bunny Hill Weddings inNorth Cave, Yorkshire.
NHS Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is proposing to shut centres in Houghton, Bunny Hill and Washington and replace them with an "extended access service."
Four three-passenger lifts for intermediate to expert terrain; one lift for bunny hill; "magic carpet" moving walkway for beginners.
Concerns over transport and access had been raised over controversial plans to shut down walk-in services at Washington, Houghton and Bunny Hill and refer patients to Pallion Health Centre or offer a GP appointment.