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a 5,000 pound laser-guided bomb that can be programmed to penetrate to a given depth before exploding

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Causing such damage is only possible through advanced weapons, such as bunker-buster missiles, the UOSSM added.
The statement also called on world powers to "send a clear message" that "the apparent systematic use" of incendiary bombs and so-called bunker-buster bombs "will not be tolerated.
forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote that the bunker-busters would be an effective "firewall" against Iranian nuclear development, especially in 15 years, when the agreement between Tehran and Western powers expires.
Washington, Mar 1( ANI ): American military planners have said that Iran's underground nuclear sites are not impregnable and could be conquered with the help of its bunker-busters.
Referring to the debate over bunker-buster bombs, he said that "at the end of the day it's possible to strike all the installations.
Hersh later said current and former officials had told him one of the options being considered against Iran called "for the use of a bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapon, such as the B61-11, against underground nuclear sites".
2005, "Nuclear Bunker-Buster (As We Know It) Is Dead," Arms Control Association.
The Bush administration's recent move to abandon research into a nuclear bunker-buster warhead has to have been worth 15 seconds or so of additional time on the ticker.
Rumsfeld suggested he needs the relatively small bunker-buster to avoid using "a large, dirty nuclear weapon.
House panel kills FY 2006 budget for bunker-buster nukes
The budget for the year starting in October includes $4 million to revive a controversial study on a bunker-buster nuclear weapon called the ''robust nuclear earth penetrator.
The United States already has a nuclear bunker-buster, the B61-11, which was tested during the first Bush Administration and deployed in 1997 under Bill Clinton.
It claimed the use of cluster bombs and a disproportionate use of force through bunker-buster missiles could be grounds for a probe.
Two F-117s dropped a total of four of the bunker-buster bombs on the building that night.