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a petroleum product used for fuel


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So far, the Coast Guard has estimated that about 350,000 liters of bunker oil have already leaked from the tanker Solar 1 and warned that about 200 liters of oil is spewing out every hour.
Similarly, fuels used in ships plying international routes, also known as bunker oil, are not covered by the Kyoto Protocol, even though they are a major source of CO2 in globalizing economy.
VENTURA - The oil that has sickened or killed more than 1,000 birds is either crude oil or bunker oil, which is used in shipping, officials said Wednesday, but they haven't been able to determine the source.
The Department of Defense (DOD) has used a wide variety of petroleum products--including gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, lubricating oil, bunker oil, and tar--all of which are refined from crude oil.
The bunker oil from the tanks which fuelled the engines can take up to 60 years to leak from the tanks.
He also claimed a single large ship could produce emissions equal to a large power station, partly because they ran on bunker oil, a leftover from oil refining with high sulphur content.
Each carrier's endurance on station was affected by its capacity for aviation fuel, bunker oil and ammunition.
Bunker oil is the name given to the undesirable chemicals that refiners remove from oil in order to create high-grade petroleum products such as jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel fuel.
And there were fears that the 50 tonnes of bunker oil which she had just taken on board would spew out polluting the coast and threatening several fish farms.
To take an area of 6 sq km, the plant will have chemical treatment units to neutralise acids and alkalis, waste encapsulation, protected and sealed landfill sites, and oil recovery units to produce bunker oil.
International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage 2001
Notice of Contract Award: The removal of bunker oil from the wreck of the MV Krasnoselsk
Key provisions of the Draft include the following: * Applies to any vessel wishing to dock in Thai waters carrying persistent oil as its cargo, including crude oil, bunker oil, heavy diesel and lubricating oil; * Imposes strict liability on ship owners to pay compensation; * Special defences are available in extenuating circumstances, such as war, natural disaster, fault of third party and negligence of responsible government agency, for example.
Local residents in a central Philippine province have begun scooping up oil from seawater by hand from Thursday, almost a week after an oil tanker carrying 2 million liters of bunker oil sank off the province's southern coast and polluted a 240-kilometer stretch of shoreline and large swathe of fishing grounds.
The objective of the procurement is to cover the Norwegian Maritime Authority~s requirements for analyses of random samplings related to bunker oil.