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a petroleum product used for fuel


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WHEN the bulk oil carrier Iron Baron ran aground on a reef at the mouth of Tasmania's Tamar River in 1995, it released some 325 tonnes of bunker fuel oil. The little penguin was the most visibly affected species, with 1894 oiled birds being collected for treatment and rehabilitation.
In 1995, the company brought on stream a 2,500 b/d high-tech plant to convert low value fuel oils into gasoline, automotive and marine diesel, lube oil base stock and bunker fuel oil. The first phase of the plant, intended as a demonstration unit, uses a revolutionary technology known as Gadgil Interline.
petroleum products, namely, gasoline, automotive and industrial diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, bunker fuel oil and household and automotive liquefied petroleum gas.
Effective 2018, the tax reform law imposed a P2.50 excise tax on bunker fuel oil and diesel oil per liter.
1, imposed a P3.00 tax for every liter of kerosene, a P2.50 tax for every liter of diesel and bunker fuel oil, and a P1.00 tax for every liquefied petroleum gas.
Based on initial computations on simulations of industry insiders and research of Bayan Muna, Zarate said the proposed higher excise tax on diesel and bunker fuel oil used in power generation will increase the cost of generation by around P1.50/kWh if the fuel consumption rate is at 0.25L/kWh.
Japan did not import bonded bunker fuel oil in June.
Bunker fuel oil sulphur content will decrease from 4.5 ppm to 1 ppm, and maximum sulphur content of full-range naphtha will drop from 700 ppm to 500 ppm.Although KNPC has moved into engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) tendering for portions of the CFP, this project was very nearly cancelled.
He said the mock scenario involved 150 tonnes of bunker fuel oil leaking from a tanker anchored off Sitra at around 8am with oil starting to flow northwards.
The SultanateEoe1/4aos government-owned ORPC produces liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel, bunker fuel oil, propylene, naphtha, low-sulfur gas oil and granulated sulfur.