fuel oil

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a petroleum product used for fuel


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The SultanateEoe1/4aos government-owned ORPC produces liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel, bunker fuel oil, propylene, naphtha, low-sulfur gas oil and granulated sulfur.
Singapore currently registers almost US$300 billion worth of annual oil trade and more than 30 million metric tonnes of annual bunker fuel oil sales.
WHEN the bulk oil carrier Iron Baron ran aground on a reef at the mouth of Tasmania's Tamar River in 1995, it released some 325 tonnes of bunker fuel oil.
In 1995, the company brought on stream a 2,500 b/d high-tech plant to convert low value fuel oils into gasoline, automotive and marine diesel, lube oil base stock and bunker fuel oil.
at the foot of 20th Street leaked 80,000 gallons of bunker fuel oil from an open valve.