battle of Bunker Hill

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the first important battle of the American War of Independence (1775) which was fought at Breed's Hill

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House, on a 78-78 tie vote, rejected a Republican-sponsored amendment that would have abolished the Suffolk County legal holidays of Evacuation Day (March 17) and Bunker Hill Day (June 17).
Senate 17-22, rejected an amendment abolishing the Suffolk County legal holidays of Evacuation Day (March 17) and Bunker Hill Day (June 17).
A few hours later, nearly half the crew took part in a Bunker Hill Day commemoration in Charlestown, Mass., one of the Boston suburbs.
In 1901 the Boston Americans, looking to attract fans from their rival Boston Nationals, booked two games for June 17, which was Bunker Hill Day, a city holiday.
A Suffolk County phenomenon, this fake embrace of history begins March 17 - Evacuation Day - and concludes June 17 - Bunker Hill Day.
Boeri selected Bunker Hill Day for his subject, probably because of its special status as a holiday only in Suffolk County, and had Jim Vrabel on air talking about Boston history because of his book, "When in Boston, an Historical Timeline." Jim suggested that interviewer Boeri talk to Richard "Dixie" Tourangeau because he's an interpretative ranger at the Bunker Hill Monument most workdays.
At a time when layoffs in the private sector have been occurring by the hundreds of thousands, an effort on Beacon Hill to eliminate Evacuation Day and Bunker Hill Day holidays for state employees failed to pass the Legislature.
A handful might have even cracked open a history book while they kicked back on the couch or at the beach for Bunker Hill Day.