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beds built one above the other


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Air-conditioned cabins are the norm at Camp Wesley Pines, with each cabin sleeping 16 campers in bunkbeds.
In an interview Wednesday, NBP Superintendent Richard Schwarzkopf said the metal boxes would be cheaper to set up than concrete structures and could fit bunkbeds for eight inmates each.
Ultimately, the city is focusing on the biggest offenders of illegal hotel use, like David Jaffee, a socialite who turned several apartments into illegal hotels, in some cases packing 20 bunkbeds into two-bedroom apartments and charging $35 a night.
We saw the tiny bunkbeds the sailors slept in, 10 to a room, and the splendid quarters enjoyed by the captain and his first and second mates.
Lawrence looks at the fire station now, as the town is on the cusp of building its first new fire station since 1888, he does not see a bedroom, but instead what used to be the chief's office; he does not see the women's dormitory or the two bunkbeds within, but what used to be the termination point of the old fire alarm system, back when the alarms were fixed to telephone poles.
LAST week Jessica James asked for advice on bunkbeds versus cabin beds for her five-year-old twins.
The store offers mattresses, sofas, loveseats, bedroom furniture, bunkbeds and children's furniture.
Working with the shelter management and local contacts, they used a $2,970 grant from the trust to buy a washing machine, five bunkbeds and pillows, blankets and linens for 10 beds.
Footage from their cells recently published on the website of opposition magazine The New Times showed modest quarters of two metal bunkbeds and some cupboards covered with flowery oilcloths.
There were rows of bunkbeds all neatly made, with personal lockers lined up alongside them.
A disco in the onboard bar got the children dancing whilst we sat and relaxed with a drink before all retiring to our bunkbeds in our cabin.
During the 21-hour overnight cruise, which traced the length of North Korea's east coast, some passengers slept on wooden bunkbeds while others were assigned mattresses on the floor, the report said, adding that simple meals were served cafeteria-style on metal trays.
We have bunkbeds. When they arrived, Maxie cried bitterly because Josie got the top bunk.
The smallest makes the best of the available space with cute white wooden bunkbeds dressed in aqua gingham.