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beds built one above the other


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More than half of the cramped, fourperson portacabin dormitories, with bunkbeds and tiny bathrooms with toilets, showers and washbasins, were occupied by servicemen and women.
I made a break for the nearest door and entered a room where the presence of empty bunkbeds suggested children also lived in this house.
According to some information, PT Merdi Mahayana--whose plant is located in Lippo City Cikarang, West Java--has the capacity to produce 2,000 units of bunkbeds per month.
Next year how about if we wall off a room for you girls and get a set of triple bunkbeds.
Now he's taken his inventiveness to the Web, selling beds and bunkbeds to colleges, universities and other customers, adding an extra 10 inches of comfort.
The bedroom is tiny, so Isi built bunkbeds for Rili and me.
There are dressing tables with mirrors and two tables on the side of each of the 32 bunkbeds.
Their 'accommodation' were tents erected on concrete floors, covered in ice, with flimsy bunkbeds to sleep on.
While in Haiti, Melican stayed in a 10-foot by 10-foot hut with homemade bunkbeds surrounded by barbed wire, needed because of dangerous elements in the countryside.
As long as there was no alarm clock, clean bedding was on the menu and we could get to the end of a magazine feature without having to wipe a bottom or cater to a toddler's tapas preferences, a set of bunkbeds in a one-star B&B in EastEnders would have done.
Adonis Furniture, a bedroom furniture importer, will launch an entire juvenile collection of seven bunkbeds and matching dressers.
Upstairs, Margaret and I took the room with the double bed so we could be close to the kids, who opted to pile into one room--with bunkbeds and an adjacent twin bed--when it was time to turn in.
None of us slept so good after that," she laughed, adding that waking up Christmas morning on bunkbeds in a New Zealand youth hostel seemed like paradise by comparison.
Heath Nash, for example, went on to participate in 100% Design London and 100% Design Tokyo and Tsai Design received a Red Dot award for its Nested Bunkbeds (a Red Dot award is a prestigious international product design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany).