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beds built one above the other


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"A teacher said we should make a punk collective called Bunkbed - but we didn't make any punk music!
A "submarine" Games Port has Wii consoles, iMacs, PS3s, iPod sockets, a Kindle library, walls that transform into 3D features and, to top it all, each kid's bunkbed has a built-in flat-screen TV.
Last year at Haydock, when an experienced apprentice decided to take a nap on the bunkbed after riding in the first couple of races, before flying with four jockeys to the Ayr evening meeting.
Fully clothed Rockelle plopped on her own bunkbed and stretched until she shivered.
Its Telluride suite consists of a swarthy looking bunkbed, dresser and nightstand, while its Nevis bedroom suite has a contemporary style headboard, dresser and other accent pieces in espresso finish with brushed nickel hardware.
For the first seven years of my life, I slept in a bunkbed with my sister in the kitchen of our one bedroom house.
A bunkbed offers a number of advantages: it does not take much space; it is easy to dismantle and to put together; and it has a strong construction.
BUNKBED BENEFITS THE summer holidays are here, and the kids are sure to be having sleepovers.
fearS Williams-Thomas exposed Savile Manager Pat Fenlon's squad overhaul seemed to trick as the Easter Road GRIM Bunkbed at house and, below, our reports on cops targeting cottage and Savile at Scots hospitals
The nightmare hours, frozen by fear on a bunkbed of the Anderson Shelter of the back garden in Forth Avenue, Small Heath are still as scary today as they were to the new pupil at Saltley Grammar School.
Hours later, I missed my last train back to Brighton and had to stay at a mate's house in London in his son's bunkbed (the son was away on a school trip before anyone starts throwing Wacko Jacko accusations at me).
One of my favorite purchases was a $3.00 plywood and 4x4 bunkbed, used in migrant housing.
MATT LINNEN The father of three admitted sleeping in a bunkbed in the X Factor house is the weirdest thing about the show.
Families were accommodated in special cabins with sofa beds and an extra bunkbed, while at mealtimes the friendly staff were happy to arrange alternative dishes more appealing to younger palates.
Things are also looking grim for generation rent, who are at risk of turning into generation bunkbed thanks to opportunistic landlords.