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beds built one above the other


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This time the issue is whether there should be a government role to address the hazard of strangulation posed by bunk-bed corner posts.
Carl was found dead, lying on the bottom bunk-bed in one of three bedrooms.
The commission voted -- 2-0, with one abstention -- to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on children's bunk-bed safety.
A SCHOOLBOY hanged himself from a bunk-bed after a row with his parents over his untidy bedroom.
And Brian Howarth, 45, who runs the company with his parents Cyril, 66, and Mary, 65, has been flooded with calls from men looking for a bunk-up rather than a bunk-bed.
A DAD told yesterday how he found his dying two-year-old son hanging from a bunk-bed - trapped by a rail he had installed to keep the tot safe.
The issue of bunk-bed safety is back in the headlines again.
A two-year-old boy who was crushed after a bunk-bed split has been offered a TEDDY BEAR as compensation.
Those who sleep in the bottom of bunk-beds are far more likely to have asthma, which affects one in seven children in the UK and causes around 1500 deaths each year.