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a hole in a barrel or cask

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As a safeguard to prevent post-steaming contamination, covering or closing the bung hole is recommended, as is proper handling of barrels after cleaning and sanitizing.
A phial tosample the spirit, which would have been lowered into the bung hole of the keg, was unear thed.
Both The Barrel Mill and Barrel Builders put a new spin on oak-alt with Infusion Spirals of French or American oak, easily inserted through the bung hole without need to remove the head of older, neutral barrels.
The Chilean-based cooperage, which has a branch in Napa, has created the Zig-Zag system, consisting of 14 pairs of staves that are inserted through the bung hole to basically resurface the barrel's interior.
Mendocino Cooperage provides what they call an "infusion sleeve" of food grade nylon sheeting, that goes in the bung hole of a barrel and comes out the same way, to avoid having to empty the barrel.
* Place the gasket over the bung hole of a filled barrel, then immediately place the wooden bung into the hole on top of the gasket so that the cloth covers the whole inside surface of the bung and remains between the wine and the bung.
I remember a long row of barrels lined up in front of our shop, all leaning at an angle to keep the rain water from leaking into the barrels' bung holes. Dad cautioned all employees to keep the bungs tight to prevent evaporation of gas and leakage of water into the barrels.
The barrels from coopers such as Vernou, Sylvain, Baron, Demptos, Seguin Moreau and Radoux, range in price from $1,000 to $1,200 for the 60-gallon barrels--the two-barrel racks run about $850-and are fitted with specially made wide stainless bung holes with shoots for filling the crushed grapes.