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Spanish film director (1900-1983)


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Bunel and Saint-Jean's cases, although singular, are not isolated and reflect the fondness some French people have developed for Japanese manga and culture.
[21] Nunes J C, Bouaouue Y, Delechelle, E Delechelle, O Niang, Ph Bunel, "Image analysis by bidimensional empirical mode decomposition," Image and Vision Computing, vol.
"It's no longer about simply reducing the plastic content," said Christophe Bunel, head of Packaging Care & Development at Sidel in France (U.S.
"Beverage producers are increasingly striving to unlock the value of a PET bottle across their entire supply chain, from concept to consumer," explained Christophe Bunel, Head of Packaging Care & Development at Sidel.
The article by BUNEL & LESCOP on the issues of Community spectrum policy develops what is probably a central point in the shortcomings of Europe's sectoral policy, spectrum allocation, the fragmentation of which is widely considered as one key weakness for European industry and technological leadership.
Niang, and P Bunel, "Image analysis by bidimensional empirical mode decomposition," Image and Vision Computing, vol.
At the start of Luis Bunel's 1929 surrealist classic Un chien andalou, the image of the woman's eye intersected, first, by a passing cloud and then by a knife's blade might stand as a useful homology for the vexed linkings between female vision and a generative liberating of unconscious impulses that Waid finds among so many Faulkner characters.
Not only do we have a date code, we also have the initials of the painter who decorated the plate, Marie-Jeanne Barbe Bunel, who worked for the factory between 1778 and 1816 and is known for painting these small flowers as well as flower bouquets.
The Spanish director, Luis Bunel (1900-1983), utilized the theories of naturalism, consciously or unconsciously, in many of his movies but particularly in his epic film Los Olvidados ((1952), in which he portrayed the predestined plight of the protagonists living in squalor and misery in the country of Mexico.
Toutefois, comine le souligne a juste titre Bunel (1996), "quand l'Etat se retire, l'action collective et organisee des syndicats de salaries s'affaiblit, [...] l'action collective semble perdre ses principales justifications" (p.
2002, 'Hot Spots, Avatars, and Narrative Fields Forever: Bunel's Legacy for New Digital Media and Interactive Database Narrative', Film Quarterly, vol.
By the same token, Major Pierre Bunel, who was working at the NATO headquarters in Brussels as chief of staff to France's top military representative, confessed in his meeting with French investigators that he had passed sensitive information to Belgrade about the details of the NATO plans for punitive air strikes against Serb military targets.