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Spanish film director (1900-1983)


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However, any soft-paste Sevres plate with its original decoration by a known painter is a highly desirable object and pieces decorated by Madame Bunel are in a number of important collections, including the V&A, Fitzwilliam and Bowes museums.
While busy with a crossword puzzle, pointedly stuck on the word 'happiness', a man/Jacques Gamblin is introduced who has been spotted watching the house from the garden, and leaves his cellphone number for Inspector Bellamy with his wife Francoise/Marie Bunel.
A few lots after Vezara, it was the turn of Windya, another mare from the Aga Khan Studs who created interest when selling to Herve Bunel of FIPS Agency for EUR36,000.
Lecamp, L, Youssef, B, Bunel, C, Lebaudy, P, "Photoinitiated Polymerization of a Dimethacrylate Oligomer: 2.
In Michel Magnien's contribution, the letters of Pierre Bunel are shown to be a rich source of information on intellectual life in Toulouse between 1530 and 1545.
La Sirene des Tropiques (1927) was co-directed by Henri Etievant and Mario Nalpas, with the help of assistant director Luis Bunel.
Gerard Jugnot, Francois Berleand, Jean-Baptiste Maunier, Kad Merad, Marie Bunel, Jean-Paul Bonnaire, Paul Charieras.
Bunel said: "Following the discussions I had this morning, it seems that most foreign NGOs are preparing to leave, and some expatriates already left this morning".
In a section of Pentagate written by Pierre-Henri Bunel, the author notes that the damage at the Pentagon "resembles the effects of anti-concrete hollow charges.
It reminded me of the way Bunel DJed his own screenings of Un Chien Andalou and roughly scored L 'Age d'or with a bit or Beethoven here, some tangos there.
Pierre-Henri Bunel in December 2001 suggested that his betrayal of secrets to the Serbs was the tip of a larger iceberg of double-dealing authorized by French military intelligence.
Toto de Bunel is skewered by a hat pin, killed in what might now be termed a "homosexual panic" case.