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clock used to record the hours that people work

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Fortune said in this camp, Pacquiao is on a bundy clock.
Teachers serve much longer hours than what the bundy clock can register.
Us kids would gather round the Bundy clock collecting stamps.
One does not have to endure the traffic, the hellish MRT rides, the corporate intrigues, or live a lifeless life where the only highlight of the day is when one finally gets to swipe the Bundy clock to time out.But freelancers have to respect their craft and talent well enough to say no to measly rates.
One can sleep longer than before and get out of bed later than usual since one does not have to race with the bundy clock anymore.
He said that "aside from instituting a no-work, no-pay policy and the adoption of a bundy clock or biometricts system to improve attendance in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, both houses of Congress should likewise revert to the old appropriation policy which reduces opportunities for corruption."
Companies that still impose the usual 9-to-5 working works as measured by bundy clocks, will reinforce time-bound productivity, punctuality and physical presence at the workplace.