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bundle of rods containing an axe with the blade protruding

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The owner, in effect, has control over the entire bundle of sticks.
In a similar way to Scilurus, Sphendoplocus' evocation of the bundle of sticks may fulfil a similar exemplary usage from outsiders, though of course inverted as a warning of failure to Byzantine readers regarding the priority of internal threats over external ones to the survival of an empire.
You used to wrap papers tight to help light the fire, instead of using a bundle of sticks.
A man gives each of his sons a bundle of sticks and tells them to break them.
They may look like a rather unimpressive bundle of sticks, but in this, their dormant state, they respond well to planting now.
Let us be our brothers' keeper and a bundle of sticks that cannot be broken.
Makes you want to leave a bundle of sticks on the filmmakers' doorsteps.
Sitting cross-legged around a bundle of sticks and stones, the Clemson Players sought "to cram / Within this wooden O the very casques / That did affright the air at Agincourt" (Prologue 12-14) in the Bellamy Theatre.
With a bundle of sticks and some twine, she fixed up a clothes horse, then set about creating a range of tie- dyed fashion-wear.
Students were asked to bring in a bundle of sticks that fit snugly into the crook of their arm, tied with string, and labeled with their name.
The idea: It is impossible for one person to break a bundle of sticks, but it's easy if each person breaks one stick.
Another way of looking at it, she said, was seeing a case as a bundle of sticks and allowing the attorney to address only one or a few of the sticks.
Not so with fascism, a name derived from the Latin, "fasces," a bundle of sticks, carried by judicial officers in Roman processions as an emblem of authority.
Legend has it that when land was sold the previous owner gave the new owner a bundle of sticks that represented all of the rights to the property.