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the central bank of Germany

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The aim of the cross-departmental preliminary investigation of the large-scale project is to carry out a feasibility study for the SAP applications used in the Bundesbank with regard to the feasibility of the supported business processes with HANA-based products and, based on this, a recommendation for action and strategy for the future use of SAP applications in the To give Bundesbank.
Carl-Ludwig Thiele, the Bundesbank board member in charge of payment systems, is also scheduled to step down in April.
Germany's central bank, the Bundesbank, reminded hoarders and the forgetful on Friday that they would trade the old currency for genuine cash.
Martin Dinkelborg, Director of the Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation, signed on behalf of the Deutsche Bundesbank.
The paper said Weidmann had warned that the costs of a Grexit would hit Bundesbank profits, which flow into the budget.
Export companies have been hurt because the Bundesbank only belatedly anticipated that while the ECB sat on its hands, the Bank of Japan would adopt an aggressive quantitative easing program of its own, aimed at lowering the yen in world currency markets.
Nonetheless, sentiment has deteriorated from a high level, which, together with the fact that the trend for domestic demand remains basically upwards, suggests that the economy will not change direction," the Bundesbank wrote.
This means the Bundesbank believes the current ECB policies and low interest rates will cause some inflationary pressure in the EU in the future.
German tabloid Bild, which did not name its sources, said ECB and Bundesbank in-house lawyers were checking both what proportions the programme would have to take on and how long it would have to last for it to breach EU treaties.
In answer to a question by AFP, a Bundesbank spokesperson said that Angela Merkel "supported" Weidmann.
The Bundesbank, which oversees the enforcement of sanctions against banks that are licensed in Germany, said the sanction order prevents EIH from contracting new business, but EIH may continue to service contracts concluded prior to the sanction order.
Global Banking News-March 29, 2011--German Bundesbank to process Indian oil payments to Iran(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Writing in its latest monthly bulletin, the Bundesbank said it expected Europe&'s biggest economy to.
Even the Bundesbank, a central bank that enjoys a considerable degree of independence, according to all of the most widely circulated rankings, has not escaped conflict during its illustrious life.
THE head of Germany's Bundesbank, Ernst Welteke, resigned yesterday after coming under heavy criticism for taking a free hotel stay from a commercial bank.
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