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Synonyms for pier

Synonyms for pier

a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles

(architecture) a vertical supporting structure (as a portion of wall between two doors or windows)

a support for two adjacent bridge spans

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Generating facilities at Keti Bundar are basic need of successful development of the port and industrial base of Sindh as a whole.
Three experienced fishermen Haidar Malik and Abdul Aziz from Pasni Balochistan and Ronjhoo from Keti Bundar, Sindh coast described the traditional practices used in catching bait for harvesting of a variety of food fishes.
The third outlet is through Iran by way of Khorram Shahar and Bundar Khomeni Ports.
The walk started from Old DHO Office near Soekarno Memorial Tower Larkana and after passing via Bundar Road and other important thoroughfares of the city concluded in front of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Medical University (SMBBMU).
Currently wind power is being developed in Jhimpir Gharo Keti Bundar and Bin Qasim areas in Sindh.
President Zardari's resolve to fully exploit Gharo-Keti Bundar wind corridor to produce 50,000MW electricity is very positive at a time when shortage of electricity has become a major challenge for the economy, he said.
While 55,000 acres have been identified in Shah Bundar, there is an urgent need for surveying another 100,000 acres, CM Shah told the officers.
Localities facing erosion in Indus Delta are Shah Bundar, Jati, Kharo Chann in Sujawal district and Keti Bundar, Ghorabari in Thatta district.
The walk started from Old DHO Office near Suikarno Memorial Tower Larkana via Bundar Road and marched through all the important thoroughfares of the city and concluded in front of the Press Club.
ISLAMABAD, August 18, 2009 (Frontier Star): The Federal Minister for Environment Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi has said that with the help of almighty ALLAH, Pakistan has already achieved Guinness World Record by planting 541,176 trees in a single day at Keti Bundar.
Gharo - Keti Bundar wind corridor is over 100 km long and 70 km wide.
6700 between Kalwa - Mumbra section at existing Km 38 of Dn Local line for crossing MUMBRA BYPASS/NH48 near Kharigaon Reti bundar in Thane District in connection with Proposed 5th & 6th Lines between Thane & Diva stations.
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