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any of various grasses of many genera that grow in tufts or clumps rather than forming a sod or mat


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In some fortunate situations, the land already hosts a good basic population of meadow plants--like a thin stand of native bunch grasses and wildflowers--so the main task is hoeing out weeds and replacing them with a diversified guild of native plants.
After a year or two, the bunch grasses become too tough and unappetizing for cattle.
Meanwhile, cattle on the same pastures feast on bunch grasses such as the bluebunch wheatgrass and speargrass.
You may be driving by a pasture and See tall bunch grasses stretching off toward the horizon and say, That land looks good.
IF YOU STRAW OFF Interstate 505 into the Yolo County farmlands after the fall rains begin, you may see an unusual sight: a stretch of green and blue-green perennial bunch grasses where you might normally expect only weeds or bladed ground.
You'll also find native California bunch grasses in abundance--blue wild rye, purple needlegrass, and California oat grass.
Establishing native perennial bunch grasses is a lot of work.
Wildflower lovers have an additional incentive: bunch grasses coexist beautifully with wildflowers.
If you live in the hills, the most compelling reason to grow perennial bunch grasses may be that they seem far less flammable than the annual species covering California's untamed hillsides.
Bunch grasses stay green naturally about six weeks longer than annuals, and green up faster after fall rains; give them a minimal amount of water and they may stay at least partially green all year, especially near the coast.
To test flammability, Sunset set up a fire-safe site last June and used a propane torch to ignite several clumps each of two native perennial bunch grasses and two common annual weed grasses--wild oats and wild barley.