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a small low-powered electrically powered vehicle driven on a special platform where there are many others to be dodged


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While the 1950's and 1960's predated the need to protect the public from the trauma of hot coffee spills and other obvious legal liabilities (like being frightened watching a horror movie) someone must have thought it was important for the pilot of the bumper car to be able to see over the steering wheel and not be strangled by the seat belt.
BUMPER CAR LAUGHS THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLICAN C4, 9pm SARAH Millican became Britain's best-selling female comedian with her debut DVD.
These defendants played bumper cars with the lives of unsuspecting New Yorkers, all to enrich themselves through insurance fraud," says Loretta E.
Exciting new activities confirmed for the F1 Village include Water Zorbing, Bumper Cars and the Segway Challenge.
Al Hokair Group employs more than 6,000 employees across the kingdom and operates 680 rides, over 2,370 video games and around 700 bumper cars within its 70 parks.
For example, the people who decided to ban bumper cars from bumping into other bumper cars at several Butlins holiday parks.
HOLIDAYMAKERS thinking of riding bumper cars at Butlin's today have been told not to indulge in any, well.
The Phase 1 of the project, which occupies 10,000-squaremetre of the theme park's total area features Roller Coaster, Sky Loop Thrill Ride, Flume Ride (Boat Drop Splash), Horse Carousel, Air Plane Fly Around, Drop Tower, Giant Ferries Wheel, Bumper Cars, Kiddie Train and Top Dancer (Clock Turn Around).
Family fun with game booths, arts and crafts vendors, bumper cars, silent auction, haunted house, live music and costume contest, 2:30-9 p.
Models Erin, Twiggy, Myleene Klass, Noemie Lenoir and Lily Cole are shown driving bumper cars, testing their strength on the bell and hammer and riding on a Ferris wheel.
The total square footage has been increased to 74,000 SF, the bumper cars have been replaced by a 29,000-SF go-cart track, and four party/meeting rooms have been added.
These early chapters might appear intended for children, describing not only skaters but also falling balls, seesaws, and bumper cars.
Pick something you both dig, like bumper cars or a nature hike.
I never called the dodgems by their proper name as a child - I still don't now - but referred to them as the bumper cars.
I was still speechless as I looked behind us to see eight cars crash together like toy bumper cars at the park.