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Synonyms for bummer

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

one who begs habitually or for a living

Words related to bummer

an experience that is irritating or frustrating or disappointing

a bad reaction to a hallucinogenic drug

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However, I can add a few more bummers to the list - a facial steamer, still in the box after five years; a leaf mulcher (who knows what that's for?
To Moore-alleged a very funny guy-America is a naked city full of 260 million stories, all of them bummers.
To separate the yummers from the bummers, we tasted dozens (and dozens) of pieces of marinated broiled chicken breast.
Those pockets include Arroyo Quemada beach in Santa Barbara County, which scored worst on Heal the Bay's 10 most polluted ``beach bummers,'' which exceeded state health standards for evidence of fecal bacteria 73 percent of the year.
feeding But I will raise more bummers if I have surplus goat milk to feed them or if my ewes produce a bummer.