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Synonyms for bummer

a great disappointment or regrettable fact

one who begs habitually or for a living

Words related to bummer

an experience that is irritating or frustrating or disappointing

a bad reaction to a hallucinogenic drug

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Bummers. The paltry specials section is hardly worth the click.
However, I can add a few more bummers to the list - a facial steamer, still in the box after five years; a leaf mulcher (who knows what that's for?); a hair diffuser; a thing with black rubbery knobs on it which vibrates and is supposed to give you the world's healthiest back (it doesn't, obviously) and those things that froth your milk for the cappuccino you never have time to make.
To Moore-alleged a very funny guy-America is a naked city full of 260 million stories, all of them bummers. We see denided Michigan militia mean prancing through the woods, scary hidden camera shots of the Columbine massacre with anguished 911 calls superimposed and a black woman navigating perilously between the Scylla of having crappy service job and the Charybdis of not having a crappy service job.
To separate the yummers from the bummers, we tasted dozens (and dozens) of pieces of marinated broiled chicken breast.
That is, I was sitting, he was lying on the floor, limp as an abandoned marionette, looking as mournful as only Jack could when he was completely out of dope, having exhausted even such tried-and-true bummers as catnip and oregano.
Halo boys!; BUMMERS; What a Kat-astrophe - that G-string has gone right up her East End.