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She says: "I just liked the idea of two people's eyes meeting over a turkey bumhole!" Horgan plays her own mum: "I realised part-way through how important it was to make it accurate and represent my family well and not embarrass anyone." Rebecca Front After her dad nearly drowns and her grandfather dies, 11-year-old Rebecca is terrified her mum will die if she leaves her side and refuses to go to school.
Stranded in this "bumhole of a village," the girls spend their time reading celebrity gossip magazines, fantasizing about "losing theirV plates" (slang for virginity), text-messaging, spying on their neighbors, and breaking into Tamara's house (Simmonds 2007, 54).
The sight of last night's Chinese shooting out of Fatso's bumhole while she had a colonic irrigation was almost too much to bear.
The presenter posted a cheeky picture of the word 'bumhole' on the Countdown letters board after Strictly professional Pasha Kovalev took part in Monday's show.