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a waist pack worn with the pouch in back


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Yep, believe it or not, bum bags have made a reappearance.
We had a good summer at various festivals, including V Festival, Sundown and Reloaded, where our bum bags were popular with all ages.
I knew he wanted my bum bag which I had around my waist.
He was wearing a pink or orange T-shirt, dark blue shorts, white trainers and a black bum bag around his waist.
I thanked her on behalf of all teenage girls in the 1980s who were inspired by her kick-ass confidence and her ability to rock a bum bag like no other.
The thieves took the man's bum bag containing the medication and a quantity of money and then ran off.
She was seen leaving a posh London eatery with a Louis Vuitton bum bag slung seductively around her hips.
The first 150 to raise over GBP100 will win a Mr Motivator inspired bum bag filled with goodies
com poll include lava lamps, leg-warmers and the bum bag, beloved of British tourists.
He has asthma and carries his medication in a red bum bag around his waist.
When fully inflated the Marlin bum bag PFD provides 150 Newtons of buoyancy and the sturdy webbing of the belt holds the unit securely around your waist.
It's a trend Thornaby's Holly Hagan, of Geordie Shore fame, is helping to fuel, recently putting a shot of her new bum bag on Instagram.
We are normally big fans of Fearne's style so it was disappointing to see her dolled up in embroidered denim carrying what appears to be a tasselled bum bag.